Can anyone lend me a belt sander for a few hours?

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Hi All, I have a sticky door and need to sand it down slightly. Rather than rush out and buy a belt sander for a one-off job (I also have one back in England)  I was wondering if there was a generous soul out there who could help me out in return for a few euros or a bottle of wine?Big thanks in advance, James

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moi-383589 1520070965

Sand paper?

giftedmidfielder 1520073429

Sand paper and arms like Joe Marler maybe.

Charles-Knight-873928 1520074722

I've got a planer you can borrow - 56 near La Gacilly if its any use!

Petrolpower 1520075083

Are you a Biker Gitemidfielder

giftedmidfielder 1520076448

Hi Charles - That sounds like a great offer but you are a bit too far from me. I managed to somehow forget to include my location in the original post. I'm near Callac.

giftedmidfielder 1520076499

Hi Petrolpower.

Yep, I ride bikes, albeit mostly in the summer months these days.

Petrolpower 1520077030

In that case maybe I can help out if your not to far away, ill PM you

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