cleaning products and the fosse!

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Hi, can anyone tell me the products for cleaning that can be used when you have a fosse, I know you don''t use bleach, but someone mentioned a phrase on some products as if to say okay for fosse use. Going into our new house I would like to give a good all over clean as it''s been empty for a few years, thanks . Divaling.

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Bleach is fine as long as you have the phrase "sans danger aux fosses septiques" marked on the back and anything else for cleaning is OK with that message. Don't bring products from the UK as they WILL ruin your system and are not suitable for the type of water supplies here in France. Eparcil is the cleaner to keep your tank activated and when not in residence put down a good couple of large spoonfuls before you leave.

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have a look through some previous postings here for good advice.




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