Costs of Oil versus Electric central heating.

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We are looking to return to Brittany soon. We notice that many of the properties for sale have electric heating. When we lived in Brittany before we had oil as a fuel. Is there much difference in the running costs

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As usual, very difficult to generalise costs, one fuel versus another, it depends on so many different factors, size of property, insulation, age of oil fired boiler (old ones are not as efficient as modern condensing types)

Don't forget to include in running costs the cost of specialist servicing of oil heating boilers.

Also,thanks to the nice Mr Macron the tax has been increased on domestic fuel oil lately.

Probably the cheapest heating fuel at the moment is wood pellets.

An intelligent current comparison here:-

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I have heard that wood pellet burners must be serviced annually so you need to factor that in as well.

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Air source heat pumps now extremely efficient, and running costs factoring at 2 installation costs for wet and dry systems only slightly higher than a comparable oil fired system, definitely the cleanest and looks like the way to go. 

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