Disposable BBQs

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Can one get disposabel BBQs in the supermarkets in France?  I have just spent ages scraping grease and burnt food off our BBQ grill and I have no plans to do so on hols :)  We have a clever little stand for disposable ones we used previously which makes them burn better, allow air to circulate underneath.  AnneStill in Dublin but dreaming of long sunny holidays :)

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Dublin Lass

Turn the wick up on your BBQ and burn it off after cooking !,! or spray it with a product called DE Cap FOUR freely available here which will enable fairly painless cleaning, (normally use for cleaning ovens and log fire glasses).


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Super-U and Intermarche certainly do -  as do the large Bricolage stores (and probably the Jardin depots).

I can't swear to it, but I seem to remember filling stations do too...

BTW, we use a Gas BBQ and have no real problems with crud.

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