Does anyone know an upholsterer in Brittany?

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On verge of moving to Brittany, up to my ears inpacking cases and still trying to find a house but sold here and everything going into storage. I have 2 sofas, one button backed, that desperatly need re-upholstering but the upholsterer I was using here can't do them before we leave   Does anyone know of an upholsterer in ANYWHERE in Brittany ? Thanks Wart

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gastines-383546 1079632524

When do leave? I know very good reliable upholsterer based Christchurch U.K. Any Good?


wart 1079637865

We leave beginning of April but we are in the Isle of Wight, which makes Sussex a bit of a long haul.  I think I shall have to try somewhere on the UK mainland but perhaps a bit closer.


Grasshopper-383592 1079642576

Hi, Wart I Know an english upholsterer living here in Brittany dept 35. I can let you have his contact details if you like?

The Oystercatcher

gastines-383546 1079647742

Christchurch. Dorset. By ferry to Lymington. Try Brian Kelly 01202 477913


Brittany Direct-382203 1079650827

I know of two of off the top of my head, one in NOYAL PONTIVY and another in LOCMINE, both towns in central Morbihan. I suppose it all depends on where you are moving to.


wart 1079694798

Thanks Grasshopper that would be really good.  Could you e mail me the details please?


wart 1079695005

Thank you and yes please Brittany Direct - Not sure where we will end up as still property hunting in Brittany so the details of an upholsterer anywhere would be useful .  I really didn't want to lug 2 sofas, one of which is a vast chesterfield, plus the bolt of fabric with me to France only to find I would have to get it sent back tot eh UK to get them done!


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