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We’ve seen plenty of adverts both on the site and elsewhere, but there’s nothing to beat a personal recommendation.   We live 15km south of Dinan and were looking for an electrician to help us next spring.  Our French is not good, so we need someone with enough English so that we can understand each other on technical matters.Adrian

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I highly recommend Mr Ian Dennison, English (fully legal) 35 years experience.

02 97 53 06 58



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ask any friendly french neighbours who they use and can recommend, or ask for a recommendation at your marie.  you'll save yourself money using a well respected local electrician.

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Or you might wait until doomsday for one. I'll PM you the electrician who we used who advertises on this site, because all the local French ones never bothered to send us a devis.

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I can recommend both Ian dennison and Steve Wren (dept 56 ).Both were punctual reasonably priced and friendly.

Ian Dennison : Contact number

Steve Wren : Contact number

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