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Hi there,Does anyone know where I can get wooden fence panels like the type we have in UK? I want to be able to walk into a DIY place and walk out with them, without having to order them. I am only in Brittany for 4 days next week and want to buy and erect fencing whilst I am there! I am in the Loudeac area, but don't mind travelling to get them. An indication of price would be helpful too.Thankyou.John& Ann

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They have then in Leroy Merlin in St Brieuc, generally the same as UK.  You'll find them outside with all the building materials.  I've also seen them in Garden Centres and Gamm Vert

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If it is to be erected on a boundary you will need a permis from the Mairie. I think it's the same form as the Declaration de Travaux (Permis de Cloture). A lot of Mairies don't like fences so you will need to check. I know our last commune would not allow fences at all! In France they like hedges or ugly wire mesh fences for which you don't need permission. Don't ask me why!

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Many thanks to both of you for your replies.

The fence is to be erected on a boundary, but where our side garden backs onto an old hedge that we intend to leave in place. The fence would not be seen by anyone except us. I don't know if this makes a difference. Some of our neighbours have fences. We will apply for permis from the Mairie anyway!

We are hoping to put in a built in barbeque and small pond next week instead now! Don't tell me either of these need permission!!

John& Ann

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BBQ and pond - no permission as far as I am aware! However if you were to enlarge an existing natural pond........... :)  (hope that's a smiley face!) 

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A pond large enough to keep moorhens on?????

John& Ann

millymollymandy-385006 1117202049

Was rather wondering whether that was you!!!!!

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Maybe it is Madame!!!

John& Ann

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