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Can anyone help please.  We URGENTLY need our Barrel Lock in our Front Door Changed.  Would really welcome assistance.Many thanks

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Tryval 1513756967

Don't know where you are G', But esp' if it's a modern door, the barrel is easy to change and the new one is available in Brico's.

Good Luck!

Fitter 1513759609

Look up "serrurier" (locksmith) in Pages Jaune.

Ivan-Tom-867299 1513770466

If you open the door and there is a screw which goes into the barrel them it is a modern one and fairly easy to chenge.

You remove the screw and the barrel slips out to be replaced by a new one

If it is the older type liike a Yale you need to remove the lock from the inside, four screws and one inside the part that goes over the door .This allows access to the 2 screws securing the barrel undo those and you can replace the barrel with a new one.

Allegra 1513784402

Thanks to all who replied.  Oh if it were so easy to obtain a Euro lock from Brico...not right size. Four shops later finally purchased it from 'Reseau Pro' Opposite the Opel Dealer on the Lorient Road out of Pontivy.  New Screw too long so substituted it with one from old Lock and as they say Bob's your Uncle :)

moi-383589 1513786129

Well done!  :)

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