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We want to buy a decent garden shed.  We have seen some good ones at Castorama in Quimper but I would like to shop around a bit before  deciding.  Does anyone know of anywhere else with a good selection, we are in Chateauneuf du Faou, area 29.  If you read this Mo, I tried to E mail you but I don't think it worked.  I will try again.    

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David56-382819 1110224511

Have you checked out their

there seem to be some on there which are internet order only. As it happens I'm checking out Vannes Casto to-morrow on the same subject. and possibly a specialist at Lanester if I 've the time.

So far I think Casto's stock range seems to be wider & better than other stockists, and the garden centres offer "order only " ones which may be higher quality, but are also more expensive.


David SE of Baud (56)

gillian & marc 1110557753

Thanks for the advice.  We  looked at their website and saw a shed which is suitable, but they are asking 184 euros for delivery.  We will think about it and carry on looking around. We saw some advertised in a garden centre but they were very expensive, as you said.  Perhaps another trip to Quimper is called for. 

Froggy-383887 1110571896

why not build your own least you can decide on the size/shape/design /materials .....we also looked at buying one ..but found the cost a tad dear ...we built ours 12 x 8 x 6 and it cost us a third of a purpose built one ....and i will say its better constructed ............mind it helps being a bit of joiner  and having tools /nails /screws

millymollymandy-385006 1110613915

Don't forget to get permission to install a shed from the Mairie before you buy it. They will need all the details of the shed you intend to buy, i.e. dimensions, plan of your land with where you intend to site it marked on said plan, and surface area on the ground. Same goes for greenhouses.

David56-382819 1110618523

This week continued research into shed/cabin availability/price. In line with Froggy's post and despite not being a joiner, have more or less decided to self build, with a bit of help from some friends.


David SE of Baud (56)

Froggy-383887 1110637547

good decision...


sa130 1110637986

We asked our Mairie about PP for shed, and she looked at us as if we had landed from Mars.

millymollymandy-385006 1110643409

It's not planning permission you need, it's the Declaration de Travaux exempt from Planning Permission, or whatever the thing is called. Takes about a month to get passed.

Anyway, as usual it's always best to ask at the Mairie. If you live in a rural area you can probably get away with it. After all, how many of those old chicken shacks have got permission, I wonder?????!!!!!!!

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