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Of all the categories on the forum there isn't one for "Gardening",which I am sure you are passionate about !!! I was wondering if it would be possible to start a "Plant and Seed Exchange and Sale/Buy" Scheme between members of the Forum. Would welcome any input. Cheers

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ITINERANT CHILD-391234 1142691369

excellent idea dalmatian.if anyone responsible for creating forums see`s this,take note.I am sure that if there was a gardening forum it would be visited by many.

no time like the present.springtime starts in 3 days.

happy gardening.

Wah-391881 1142692306

Id be very interested.

Divaling-382989 1142693297

Yes please.would love a gardening section. always need advice. and any swops that might be available.


oedipus-390746 1142697199

I for one would certainly be interested, I have a large garden and need lots of cuttings!!!!!

Also is there anyone out there who would like to play/learn bridge???

dreamer-389248 1142701135

and we have lots of seeds we can swap

Steve & Emma-387518 1142702088

And I would be willing to offer free advice regarding tree care & hard landscaping matters. And would like advice regarding growing vegatables etc, so I think it's a great idea!                 Regards, Steve
Living in Saint Gelven(dept22) and loving it!

Wicce 1142707906

Great idea!


Cache-392051 1142723399

Dalmation, there is a 'contact us' link where you can email to the Brittany Forum guru. Looks like most of the AngoInfo sites run on the same template so I guess it's up to the AngloInfo 'MD' to decide to add Gardening or not.

It is a very good idea as Living France and several others have a gardening forum, AngloInfo for once are behind the game in this subject.

Itinerant child ever looks on the bright side, everyone is talking that spring is a little late and it will be cold for a while yet, everything is slow and late this year.

brittany-willows 1142725031

I too think its a good idea but unsure as to how much of a contribution l could make as Spring, although late, really is just round the corner and it will soon be all hands on deck. My greenhouse is fit to bursting with salad crops, sweet peas, broad beans,etc ready to transplant outside. Its a great time of year even though there are never enough daylight hours to achieve everything.
Advice on vegetable growing: WAIT! The ground is too cold yet for sowing seeds direct into the ground. Cover an area with plastic or fleece to warm it up first. Lettuce, radish, spring onions, spinach, parsnips, and broad beans can be sown once the ground has warmed up. Onion setts, shallots, garlic and, in a warm sunny spot some early spuds can also be planted.
There is nothing like crawling indoors after a full day in the garden, a nice aching feeling all over with glowing cheeks and climbing into a hot bath. Aahh bliss!
PS Would also be interested in a seed/plant swap. Live in 22 area near Paimpol.
Whatever the weather......!

tiffany-384436 1142725957

us too!!


near Gouarec in Dept 22

Dalmatian-391209 1142754055

Thanks everyone for your positive response.  Have sent an email to Anglo Info. But no reason why we can't make a start. 

So, if you have seeds, plants, cuttings to exchange or sell ... or have a wish list ... it would be great to have some postings.

We all need advice about growing stuff .... so that would be lovely too.

Me .. well, I have a virgin garden and just feeling brave enough to make a bit of a start.

I would love to tell you all about the Horticultural College near to St Jean de Brevelay which grows a humungous variety of plants and shrubs and they are much cheaper than the garden centre.  I have a contact there and hope to get more information.  I was thinking of trying to arrange a date next month where interested folk can meet and all go together.

If you are interested I'll get in touch as soon as I have finalised details.

foxy-381814 1142755017

One of the good things about AI is that its forums aren't cluttered up with loads of different (and generally pointless) categories of the sort that make LF's forums totally unusable. I don't want to see any more categories. Should there be a need for more, gardening - judging by the tiny number of messages posted on the subject over the years - would be well down the list, anyway.

Many people can't manage to post in the appropriate category anyway. For example, shouldn't this have been made in AngloINFO Support rather than General?

Leave things as they are, please. If you want to post about gardening just do so - you don't need your own sepcial category!

Alison35-385907 1142761767

Dalmation, I would certainly be very interested in going along to the College, feel free to PM.

myrtle-391965 1142770523

Wonderful idea.  Moving to Guerledan area at Easter and have about 1/3 acre to have fun with.  Could do with help to plan, and also need help with the heavy work.  Have already stocked up with seed potatoes and various veg and flower seeds, so would love to get involved with swapping cuttings and plants. 


papillion-388493 1142778846

good idea!


David56-382819 1142780617

Perhaps it is time to ask if a review of topics could be carried out. Since inception:

no. page topics  Yachts & Yachting  8 topics  Cars & Driving        35

no. page topics Animal Magic        112

I don't know how many  gardening topics have been posted, but would have thought the potential would do better than at least two of the above !



Baud / Camors(56)

mike-381710 1142791846

Since inception

Nope - since "last pruned".

would have thought the potential would do better

Not so, actually.



Alison35-385907 1142795401

Good point David56 - on the numbers as ever ;o))

David56-382819 1142804057

Ok Mike , so when did the "pruning" take place  ?

Apologies for the poorly constructed sentence, which should have read "would have thought had  the potential to do better "

"not so actually"    how do you know that ? !



Baud / Camors(56)

Bob Bowen-382240 1142810447

Well, put my spuds in today (now relaxing over a glass or red!)

Got cabbage and sprouts in peat pots and just putting their heads above the rim.

Put onions sets, shallots in the ground in October and they are doing well. Planted broad beens and sowed seeds of leeks at the same time, broad beens look to be getting ready to flower in a few weeks or so. I must be doing something right.

I am a beginer and look forward to a dedicated Garden Topic

Regards Bob
Baud (56) and
Dwyran (LL61)

Bob Bowen-382240 1142810539

Must stop drinking red when I am typing, I mean beans of course not beens.

Regards Bob
Baud (56) and
Dwyran (LL61)

David56-382819 1142843839

This week-end picked up a "composteur",  free on loan, from our Commune, part of La Communaute de Communes du Pays d'Auray.

Is this initiative widespread in Bretagne ?



Baud / Camors(56)

Alison35-385907 1142890539

Bob you're going to be very windy with all those beans at the same time ;o)

Here's my little allotment activity:

Onion sets in 2 weeks ago.

Our tatoes are chitting to plant in 2 weeks time, sowed first batch carrots, beetroot, spring onions today.

Garlic and broad beans sown last Nov doing very well.

Strawberries starting to show new leaf, fruit canes in leaf bud but not out yet.

Greenhouse full of tiny caulies, brussels, leekes, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, melon and lotsa flowers !!

New composter has about 2ft of 'stuff in it'..............


Alison. Ille-et-Vilaine (35)

David56-382819 1142927342

If posts with even a "vague" connection with gardening were made under "Re : Gardening club", there would be better chance of having a unique category. Otherwise the subject will get lost during the course of everydays'  posts, witness yesterday drop down the pages !

Alder could you tell me where to find "Aborists" sticky goo , as referred to in one of your earlier posts ? ( I think  Imay have put this ? on the  PCats thread, but what the heck !)



Baud / Camors(56)

Alder-387958 1142929651

Alder says it's found in the gardening section of hardware stores and goes under the name of 'Glue des arbres ' or similar. Comes in small tins and is VERY sticky - just paint it on and use gloves. It's not toxic - just messy.It is primarily used to keep fruit trees free of pests (codling moth, etc)that creep up the trunk as larvae/caterpillars and then harm the tree.Now is the time to be applying actually. And it's nearly time to spray Bordeaux mix on buds for silverleaf prevention in plums and cherries - right Alison ? ;-)

Bob Bowen-382240 1142930684

As I am not a permanent resident here, I spend approx. six months in three two month visits between march and october timing is all important for me, together with storage.

I left some of last years carrots in the gound and earthed them up, I also stored some in peat. Both lots are still as fresh now as the day I lifted the maincrop last October. The spuds were also put in peat and they are good.

I am still taking sprouts of the stem and judging by the remaining I will be for another few weeks. I started eating my sprouts last october.

I find leeks are also good for harvesting over a reasonably long period.

My timing was out with the brocolli, a dozen plants and I missed it all, I arrived as it began to rot. Similar story with my caulis, though I did get two perfect heads from a dozen plants.

I grew melon for the first time last year, got sick of eating sweet charantais melons. They all came to fruition over a two or three week peiod. Wish I could store them, they were georgeous.


Anybody any other suggestions for veg which will provide food over a longish period of time.

Regards Bob
Baud (56) and
Dwyran (LL61)

David56-382819 1142932946

Thank you Alder.

 Bob you make me feel quite envious reading of your successes , the more so you being "part-time". I keep looking out, (in the Baud area) for a productive garden , just lacking day to day care for months' at a time !!



Baud / Camors(56)

Alison35-385907 1142940567

Hi Mrs Alder !! You were just checking that I was awake weren't you ;o) I have some Bordeaux mix ready to spray. But ma cherie is too BIG !! She needs some professional help to spray her. I will go and spray baby plumb tree - can I use it on apples/pears/peaches too?

BRADMAN-392130 1142952622

Could anyone tell me the French names for;


and Fish, Blood And Bone


Alison35-385907 1142963786

How about: Engrais d'os (bonemeal) for one translation?

David56-382819 1142975542

Another web site to explore:




Cache-392051 1142976674

This is such a superb site, I really wish there would be a gardening section. I have seeded all my cosmos, nicotiana and geraniums now and have lots of other things appearing.

ianh-385618 1142985568

I ALSO WOULD LIKE A SEPARATE GARDENING FORUM - whoops, caps lock on - just a mesage of caution for all you keen gardeners.  April 28th, 2004, temperature overnight in my greenhouse was -10 Centigrade, lots of stuff dead and start again - don't be too quick to get going, it's not that much warmer than the UK.

starbrite-385795 1143021357

Although my garden isnt huge, compared to the postage stamp i owned in the UK its a farm, i have dedicated a third of my garden to fruit and veg, i havnt touched it yet, i havnt got a clue. i support the gardening forum, maybe the idea should be posted on the other angloinfo sites.


Villa till i die

Labtec 1143033157

All the Anglo Info websites throughout France have the same format so if they make the addition of the GARDEN section, it will be available on all their sites.

There is nothing to stop someone setting up a website for Gardening in Brittany ... with a forum .. which we could all subscribe to.  Any budding website designers out there??

Also, waiting to hear from a lady connected to Talking Point.  Was told that there is an existing Gardening Club.  When I get details I will pass them on.

But, hey... what is to stop us starting a Gardening Club in our own areas???

It could be really good... and a nice social event as well .....

I'm a bit too old and doddery to do it on my own .... but if there are people willing to try and get a Gardening Club started, I would be happy to be proactive.

dvc 1143044368

I'm into trees and I have plenty of room,so if you have any specials you'ld like to sell off please e mail me.I don't live in France full time so trees suit me.


Alison35-385907 1143662146

Just returned from a trip to the UK and whow !!  Everything is getting green, in flower, budding........SPRING IS COMING!!

ps: Bought some parsnip seeds whilst over so if anyone wants any parsnips later this year you are welcome (I don't like them!!)

Alder-387958 1143671248

I've just wrested the keyboard from the wife....

Yes, Bordeaux mix should be applied, about now, to stone fruit trees in particular, to prevent (or reduce) fungal infection. It is basically copper sulphate, and although being phased out in the British Isles is still OK for fungus prevention on organic farms.

It helps to prevent infection by peach-leaf curl and some other fungi, and doesn't affect the tree, its fruit or the soil

Labtec 1143702610

I now have the information about the Horticultural College in St. Jean de Brevelay where you can buy plants, shrubs etc. at much lower prices than in the Garden Centres and get expert advice!

I have given directions how to find it. 

GBM-386981 1143711731

I there any knowledgeable person on this site who would have any ideas as to why my ornamental cherry dropped all it's leaves early last September?  This was for no apparent reason and I really thought it was dead. Location is North Brittany, 22

I think I can see signs of life in it now, but on the other hand, this could be just wishful thinking...


22, proche Quintin

Alison35-385907 1143841651

Gill, perhaps it was an exceptionally dry year?  Email Alder direct to find further.

Tilia 1144091967

Right - I need advice. I have sown and germinated, on a windowsill - 20 Aubergines!
These are an alien plant to a wee Irish Wench like I need advice on how to keep them alive, pricking out (when and temperatures to keep them at), planting on (I have mini tunnels that are currently occupied by carrots and coriander) and how to actually get a crop at the end of the summer.


anita-384347 1144097936

We would love to be involved. We have 4.5 hectares of English Garden Open to the public and would be very interested in plant or seed exchanges.

rosa-383516 1144772945

Tilia, I am not an expert on aubergines, but one warning - they are a magnet for greenfly!  I have grown them in pots in the greenhouse, but gave up because they seem to attract greenfly like nothing else and I try to avoid insecticides.  This year I am growing the white type and am going to try outside.  They are in my greenhouse propagator at the moment and already have greenfly but as they are 2" tall (the plants not the greenfly)  I can pick them off.  I will put them outside in May.


Tilia 1144782271

Rosa - thanks for the info. Mine are on a sunny windowsill, having graduated from the propogator, and are about two inches high but still only on two leaves and look a bit leggy. Will the lengthening daylight sort them out? No greenfly in the front room yet.....


lyndylou-388666 1144786560

I would be interested in the details of the college as we are now developing our garden in Callac.  I need trees and shrubs in particular.Where is Alan Titchmarsh when you need his design skills?    My e mail is on the blink at the moment so could the info for the college be posted?


Happy Gardening and we all hope that it gets warmer soon

tim40 1144790281

Hi ALL.Add me to the rest great idea.



rosa-383516 1144845572

Tilia, sounds a bit leggy, mine have 4 true leaves.  Give them as much light as possible, but even if leggy they will probably be OK once they are outside, after frost risk is past. You can plant them a bit deep I think like tomatoes, which then form more roots on the lower stem. Has anyone grown the white type (eggplant), I am curious how they taste?


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