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Hello all, I have done a search and noted the previous postings on the subject.  However, there has been no answers that have helped fully.. I need a lot of gravel, ideally the copper coloured mix of about 10-20mm.  I am near to Loudeac (22), am aware of the quarry at St Lubin but I think they only do the granit chippings. Does anyone have any knowledge of somewhere within delivery range to Loudeac area that will supply gravel.  I know Leroy Merlin at St Briuec sell various types but I am sure they won't deliver all the way to Loudeac! Regards, Rob

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Jean Rhodes 1116923952

There is a quarry between Malestroit and St Congard where we bought our pink granite Gravillons. they do various sizes and will deliver a minimum of 8 tonnes

Jean Rhodes

Sara-384289 1116927887

Try just outside Dinan on the Dinan to Caulnes road, we have bought a lot there, different sizes and colours and very reasonable


Jo B-385310 1116928088

Sara - do you mean the place behind the old race course or further out?  We're also looking to buy



Jo B (Dinan 22)

Bonedome 1116928819

Thanks very much for the quick responses, however, these places are not within delivery range for us in Loudeac/Pontivy area.  Also, we will be needing quite a few tons so not practible to collect.




Froggy-383887 1116929225

We have grey gravillons from the quarry at Megrit which may be nearer for you

we didn't come here for the weather

channon-387041 1116929573

We are looking to buy about 20m3 as well from Dinan to Caulne area, can you confirm that its the quarry at Les Hingles that you buy from ? Do you know if they deliver on Saturdays from there ?.

The one behind the racecourse is a merchant and should be a lot more expensive than a quarry...or so i'm told


Bonedome 1116930912

Megrit is probably about 1 hour from us! I don't think they would deliver from there, if they did I would have to take out a mortgage!

Thanks anyway, at least it's helping some others with same problems of finding a supplier.



Froggy-383887 1116931781

oops map reading was never my strong point! 

we didn't come here for the weather

callac22 1116937443

On the subjest of gravel...........when they deliver do they just tip it off the truck or is it in the large builders bags like Travis Perkins?I need 3 ton for rear garden but don't have a front drive/garden or access to the rear so will need to barrow it all through!This would be easier if the stuff was bagged rather than losing it down the hill!

I have been told that the builders merchants in Callac do deliver but no-one seems to know the price!


Tornado-386713 1117049421

I'm looking for gravel but the pea gravel type (small pebbles, no sharp edeges) anyone know where in 22 it can be got?

Bonedome 1117050606

"I'm looking for gravel but the pea gravel type (small pebbles, no sharp edeges) anyone know where in 22 it can be got?"

It does not look too good, seems we may be stuck with the granite type, no-one seems to have any suggestions for us in our area!



kerienpetals 1117051030

We had 30tonne delivered, M.O.T roadstone type. It was lifted off lorry in 1 tonne metal containers and tipped in various positions so as to help us spread it out. The empty containers where then re loaded. It took three lorries in all to deliver [ they had to send out small wagons due to narrow lane] at a total cost of around £380, which we thought really cheap. I priced same load/delivery distance in UK to compare and was quoted £870.

We purchased the stone from "P.POINT" or is it "POINT.P" at Rostrenen 22, as I recall they had a couple of types to choose from. Hope this may be of help to someone.

Regards The petals

sydhancock 1117054347

22 covers a big area - depends where you are! If near Mûr de Bretagne, try Mûr Mat, just off the N164. They sell several types of gravel, including pea shingle, sand and many other building materials and deliver locally. Patrick the owner is very helpful and has happily served english customers for years. There are also several big builders' merchants in Loudeac such as Avis where gravel can be ordered.


Richard2 1117115796

Agree with Syd. Avis next to Lidl in Loudéac was a good place to buy gravel.



At last, fresh veg from the garden in 22

Bonedome 1117143983

All replies are gratefully received and thanks for the info, however, Avis only do the granite, not what we were after!  It seems though, that granite is what we will have to have.  I suppose we could always top it up with some other stuff if and when (optomistic) we ever find any.



Ty Korrigan-387115 1117147455

There is a quarry near Mellionnec on the D23 between Rostrenen and Guemene. Look in your yellow belly pages for the number. It does granite which is 'yellow' in colour although it does varie abit.

Hire a trailer for 25euros per day or just 'ask' how much for delivery. The material is around 10/12 euros per tonne/1.3m cube

Consult specialised geological maps for precise areas of differing rocks.

Le Corlaysien

SALLY MOORE-381897 1117147600

We bought gravel at Les Forges between Hermitage L'orge and Loudeac.


Near Quintin 22
or St Goazec 29

sydhancock 1117148968


Apologies if this is a wild goose chase but have you tried Mûr-Mat at Mûr de Bretagne? Go along the N164 from Loudéac, past the first turn off to Mûr, past the turn to St Gilles, keep going to the crossroads with Corlay to the right, turn left here towards Mûr, entrance up a small unmetalled road to the right immediately beside fence around the other big shop (name escapes me for the moment). Phone number


Bonedome 1117369461

Thanks for all your eplies, will certainly try these places.  Sorry for not getting back sooner, the weather's been too nice!!



Sam.Gausson-386734 1117375738

CQM at Pluec sur Lie have the Gravel that you are looking for.

Ty Korrigan-387115 1117380488

Now all you do is ask where the gravel is quarried and go there direct! The prices are so very much less expensive, 10euros at the quarry against 30euros from a comptoir!

Le Corlaysien

Bonedome 1117460304

They will tell me then, will they!? I can but try, thanks for the tip.


Rob (Now with lush green grass!!!!!!!)

Bonedome 1117460398

Thanks Sam, will check them out, and see if they'll tell me where they get it from!!



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