Have you bought tv/w/machine recently?

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Hi , has any one bought a tv or washing macine recently that they consider to be a bargain or good buy, and have been happy with it since, also where from .  I will be buying these and a cooker, so looking for advice where to buy and what makes anyone would recommend. Thanks for any replies. Divaling.

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Harriet Gough 1083799043

We have bought a TV and a Fridge Freezer (Blue Sky Range) from Carrefour at remarkably low prices. They are comparable in quality to much more expensive brands and are very reliable.


Sunshine-383046 1083799280

Don't know where you are located but my friends recently bought all new appliances for their house on a recommendation and we followed suit and bought from the same place too. We went to 'Expert' in Baud behind the Champion supermarket. I believe they have other Experts too. There was a French assistant there called Sophie who speaks perfect English although we did try our limited French. They stock a variety of makes to suit all budgets but you probably could find it cheaper in other shops. The deciding factor for us was definitely the service provided. We bought our fridge, cooker, washing machine, tumble drier and dishwasher all in one go and received a fair discount. We bought in the morning and everything arrived that afternoon, promptly at the designated time. The two guys unpacked everything, fitted everything, checked all and made sure that we understood the rudiments of all appliances before they left us. We had problems with the gas bottle we had bought so they accompanied us to the depot where we had purchased it to explain to the man there that he should swap it for us. We would not have managed that ourselves without having to repay, we're sure. We have since broken a small piece from the cooker which we have returned to them and they have sorted a new part easily which we collected the next time we were over there.

In short, possibly a fraction dearer....but worth it for the service and reliability.

regards Sunshine

jane leitner 1083800357

we got a washer/dryer at conforama. they gave us a €100 discount (was meant to be "trade-in", but we didn't have to give them any thing in return and they weren't bothered), so it cost €500ish. it doesn't need an outlet pipe for the tumble dryer, it reuses the water in the wash cycle. we needed an engineer (it wasn't broken, the programme thing needed a re-set) because the trouble shooting guide was badly written - he came out the day after we called. the machine is an indesit. there was cheaper stuff but the spin cycles weren't very fast.

we also got a 5ft-ish fridge freezer for about €250, their own brand (far, i think).

both items got delivered the day after visiting the store for a standard charge.

Divaling-382989 1083801006

Thanks eveyone , we are just outside of Loudeac, or will be when we get back next week, like the idea of a discount as my husband does it with everything he buys, and gets it, I have to walk away and leave him to it, thought it might not be the done thing in France.


David56-382819 1084737972

Sunshine's experience at Expert, (Baud),  has been the norm we have enjoyed over the past 6 years.

Some readers may be interested to learn that there will shortly be a LIDL  only a stones throw from Expert.


genie-382498 1084740141

Can highly recommend Electrocass at Rond Point de Malakoff 22940 Plaintel (which is just south of St Breuic) - they aren't near us but having bought all sorts of white goods from them at very cometative prices fell that its worth the trip - if you need directions send me an e - mail

Gene Genie

deputy 1084795768

Agree with Phillipa

Blue Sky T.V from Carrefour is excellent value. Picture is one of best I have seen.

Divaling-382989 1085149243

Thanks for all the replies, we will be white goods shopping on next trip, so I shall be checking out your suggestions.


denis-383800 1085152900

we'll be moving over soon.....we were bringing our freezer/washer/tumble drier ...and other electric goods with us...........................will this be a problem..im a bit confused now denis /anne

wishing to fullfill the dream

James-382784 1085155423


Yes: possibly / probably / definitely   in that order.

Best bet is sell them off at home before you leave. With what you sell them for plus what you save on not transporting them across you'll probably be no worse off going out to buy new ones when you get here !

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