help with pointing my dish aerial to Freesat wanted

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Hi everybody ! I m a french lady wishing to watch English TV w.o. registering anywhere. Ive got the dish and the "décodeur"  but Im unable to repoint it to the right satellite (Astra). Can anyone help ? I stay near Emmaüs Hédé. 

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These sites may help

Fitter 1514590522

Unless you have the instruments to set the alignment of the dish it's probably easier to employ the services of a specialist satellite technician.

There is a very helpful chap who advertises on this site called Bart,

His business is

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If you are capable to "aim" your dish yourself, most DIY shops, home electronic or the bigger supermarkets will sell you a compass for 10€ that makes it very easy to do it yourself and save the huge costs of employing somebody for 5 minutes of work.

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Bart is excellent and doesn't charge 'huge sums'.Really good person.

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aim your dish at approx 28 deg east of south and elevate to approx 20deg and a skew of 8 o'clock should start you off in the right direction, or you could get a dish aimer ap on your smart phone

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How do you connect your smartphone to the satellite dish?

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This app for an android smart phone is quite good.

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From Brittany Astra2 is roughly 38 degrees East of south, elevation 27 degrees and the scew on the LNB 19 degrees (looking towards the front of the dish the cable connectors should be pointing to nearly 7o'clock).

My website of choice is I find it easier to use than the free apps. Typein your address, select Astra 28.2e from the satellite list and hit Go (beside the address box).This will produce a satellite view with a line showing the direction in which to point the dish, you can move the pin to exactly the position of the dish and the line will re-draw, pick a landmarkon the line to point your dish at.

Hopefully your dish will have an elevation scale marked, set this to 27degrees

Pretty much all decoders have some sort of meter so if you can set the TV and decoder up where you can see them from the dish it will make life loads easier, if not you need a helper to shout "better" "worse".

Given a bit of luck you'll have a bit of signal strength and quality, so move the dish a little to the left andif the signal improves move it a little more, if the signal gets worse, move the dish a little to the right and so on till you have the best you can, then repeat with the elevation, Remember a couple of degrees is the difference between a perfect signal and no signal!!

If you have no signal initially then lower the elevation a couple of degrees and move the dish slowly from left to right across where you believe the signal should be, raise the dish a little and repeat untill you find the signalthen follow the steps above.

On a Sky box the meter is found at services then option 4 the option 6.

On a FreeSat box it's easiest if you can install the box on a friends dish, the signal will be shown in the information section, exactly where this is in the menu system depends on the make and model of box.

On a generic box again it's easiest to set up initially on a dish that you knowis pointing correctly, exactly where you find the signal information varies from model to model.

Good luck and if you have to use a ladder, be careful

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now that's what I call a good answer!

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