House clearance advice?

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Good morning.Are there any house clearance companies near Guillac? I need to dispose of much of the furniture from my house.(in the process of selling) .And/or are there any charities,churches,refugee organizations that accept furniture? Thank you for any advice!

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Christophe-Morzedec-977542 1642586351

Just Google 'Brocante Bretagne' and you will find them. 

Close to you, try upon the main road above Pleugriffet. 

Caylin-Brooke-1020806 1642591558

Thanks, I needed a clearance company too, found them on google but I did not found any review, well, I'll take the risk and I'll try them. Thanks

bretonlion 1642667338

There is the Red Cross in Ploermel that will collect if your items have a fire safety label on them .. plus I know people with vans that will take stuff to the dechetterie for you ..

dabbawalla 1642673656

Have you tried Emmaus? 

They're usually happy to take everything. 

milo13-967849 1642686164

Thank you everyone!

milo13-967849 1642686167

Thank you everyone!

milo13-967849 1642686170

Thank you everyone!

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