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Can anyone tell me if we can pay at IKEA Rennes with an English credit card

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itinerant child-414831 1610191289

Hello Angela, I honestly can not say whether that is possible in that particular shop, but I have used my debit card in thousands and thousands of shops all around france for twenty years and have never yet found a shop that questions it. As long as it is tied up with one of the main names ie visa,mastercard etc there should be no problem.

Good luck and happy shopping

Jamie x

ItchyFeet 1610285039

I have used a UK credit card in the past in Ikea

Nipper 1610294294

What is an English credit card?

Rich by name 1610419092

I thought all cards we international, having travelled to most parts of the world even some really under developed countries my credit and or debit cards have always been accepted.

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