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Hi I brought some jalapeño seeds back from the USA-- anyone ever try to grow them in central Brittany?love to hear--i have seen they have but without details i.e.; in greenhouse, indoors? Ever put outside in ground?thanks!

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Southern Guy 1514125856

They would grow like any other pepper.. Read the zones on the pack - match it to where you live and follow the directions.

Bob-Lazzar-916636 1514134896

Hi, We've grown them with some success in the ground outside but they do better in a greenhouse and produce more fruit, either in quite big pots or in the ground. I think they need pollinating by insects so the greenhouse would likely be better than indoors.

Oldbury 1514288567

I've grown chillies for years over here, including jalapenos, they do best in a polytunnel or greenhouse. Don't over-water, do feed. Look at Simpson's Seed Catalogue for future range of seeds and plants. 

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