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Hi, can anyone tell me how prices compare for linen,and  bedding of all descriptions, between UK and France, not against spending my money in France, in fact I think you should , but as I'm realy starting from scratch,there's a lot to buy. Does anyone know chain style shops where the linen is reasonably priced,and good quality. Divaling.

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I think you will find that if you are in England at the moment bedding will be cheaper there. Most folk on this site are now well settled in Brittany and are paid etc in the French economy so X or Y €'s for bedding is reasonable to them. If you bring over £'s to change to €'s then the rate of exchange is such to make England a cheaper place to buy. The € should be about 50p not 70p to make things equitable.

I now retreat and await the flack!


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Hi Divaling, i think bedding here is far more expensive. I have , once bought the cheapist quilt cover i could find, still expensive by uk prices/special offers and within the year it had dropped to bits. However, i was very happy to come across some sheets in a brocant that were many years old - lovely old breton cotton- they only wanted 40 francs for each one so managed to buy 5 and i am sure they will out live me!

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Try bankrupt stock shops such as Maxplus and Noz.

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Hi Divaling,

I agree with the comments about being cheaper in the UK. You do need, however, to make sure you don't end up buying cheap quality.

I'm not sure where you are but it might be worth containg CLH (Commercial Linen & Healthcare supplies) in Exeter on 01392 273355 (I'm sure they would do mail order). We recently stocked up on single bed linen:
single duvet cover @ £7.00 +vat
90cm fitted sheet @ £5.00 +vat
Pr. pillow cases @ £3.00 +vat

For duvets (try and stick to 13.5 tog) and pillows (don't forget English pillows are a different size from French ones) we found Makro to be the best:
Single duvet 13.5 tog @ £8.99 +vat
Double duvet 13.5 tog @ £10.99 +vat
Pr pillows with protectors @ £3.99 +vat
Find your nearest branch at

I hope this information helps and saves you some of the hours of research we put in a month ago !


Divaling-382989 1078319370

Thanks James and all,

we live in the westcountry so will try Makro, we had a small hotel for a long time, but had an auction to sell all furniture, linen, china, in fact everything, I regret it now, but we had nowhere to store it, so I'm starting from scratch now, after living with our daughter and using all her bits. So it look s like a mass buy before we come over, ( I shall enjoy that if hubby lets me loose with the plastic) at least I can say, " everyone on AF say's it's cheaper here". Thanks again.


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Hi Divaling

We made the error of visiting local DIY stores for lamanate flooring paint tools shower doors loo's etc.

Deciding everything wanted was cheaper in U.K. we had the nausea of transporting it all over.

Having finished all work and now have the pleasure of time to shop around properly guess what - they day we finished the last room we found out about BRICO DEPOT. Just about everything we had purchased was "considerably" cheaper than we could possible find in our area of U.K.

We drew a blank on furniture in our area of Brittany and had to purchase almost everything in U.K.  An example was trying to find a LARGE breton dresser. The best we could of the size and quality that we wanted after six months searching in our area was 1,250 euro. We found one in Plymouth for £250.00 even with the cost of getting it over there we still saved over £500. I am now looking for 2 more as we have already been offered £1,000 by two people for ours lol.

Shirleyl is correct about linen prices we have a lot of beds to kit out and the other half informs me that she paid 2/3rds in the UK for good quality compared to French prices for cheapest - She also said to tell you make sure you measure your windows correctly as it is a nightmare buying curtains when you can't just pop back to measure again. She says almost 50% cheaper like for like in UK.

Hope this helps where in the west country are you and where is the place you purchased. We always come over in an estate and now that we have the luxury of comming over empty - we maybe able to help. We live in Plymouth.

Regards Joe




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Its not all bad here , we found some furniture which I thought was rubbishy, my other half said she could clean it up.........we spent 250 euros on it, and had offers of over £2000 for it..........I'll make sure she cleans the car next time I trade it in !!

Seriously though good furniture can be found in trocs at reasonable prices, but of course it does help if you are not in a hurry to make the purchase, and can buy only when you spot a bargain........not easy if you've a gite or 3 to get ready. Re linen French sourced product rarely has the easy maintainence of UK product, the poly/cotton mixes are just not as good.


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If you are in the West country , you should get to Trago for all your linen supplies, Dorlux slumberland janet Reiger etc all less than half the normal price and the qualtity is good,  The trocs here are the best place to buy old furniture e.g Breton style but there are various other choices , I wouldn't dream of buying in the Uk now however I did bring a fire over in November because I just couldn't get what I wanted here , Agent in Strasbourg wanted plus 380€uros for delivery plus insurance . The only chanin store type of shop is Eurodif in Vannes or Monoprix but I was not happy with the quality, I have bought linen from maxiplus , but buy all you need at one time because they don't get repeats , its all bankrupt stock

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thanks for all your help, must tell you Maureen, I love Trago have done for years since there early trading days, there much bigger, and much dearer now, but great for rugs.

Although I can buy my linen there, I didnt want to make the mistake of buying it, then finding it was even cheaper in France, but now youv'e all told me it's not.


Divaling-382989 1078444183

Sorry Guys,

I used my posting name from L/F had to change it when they had all the problems with names, just a slip up.

Divaling aka lindylou.

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