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Does anyone have any experience of the long grass cutters known as Debroussailleuse here in France? A problem common to many of us - very long meadow grass in the orchard which takes days to cut. The motoculture shops all say their mowers will cut long wet grass but so far we have bought a driven mower and an expensive tractor mower but neither are very successful.

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Kirst-385661 1112169897

We gave up with the mowers and tried strimming ours, but it was taking forever, in the end just got the farmer to plough it all in.  Alternative is a tethered goat! Sorry not much help...



James-382784 1112184134

I have a debrousilleur and it is fantastic for long grass and much tougher stuff. They are designed to cope with hitting tree trunks and rocks and nothing seems to deter mine from the job in hand.

James ~ resident 35 ( between Dol and Combourg)

Richard2 1112185423

I bought a débroussailleuse three years ago and have never regretted it. I invested in a rather expensive one "stihl", without a bend in it, as this can cause some problems. One with a double harness is good and also one where you can change between a blade and the nylon wire. Good for a grass and more stubborn things such as brambles. Make sure you keep the rotor section down by the blade well lubricated as I've heard it is expensive to replace if this seizes. I've never had this problem as I always check it each time before I use it.

Happy strimming


At last, fresh veg from the garden

David56-382819 1112186102

Have you tried one of these, Viking MB 6 RH ?



David SE of Baud (56)

Dragoman-384676 1112198639

I bought a debrousailleuse once to deal with 5000m² of tree-stricken grass and wished I'd done it sooner.  I got the largest wheels I could to have less trouble with mole tunnels.  What was a two-day job with a powerful lawnmower in Spring became a (long) afternoon's work with a debrousailleuse of the same power rating.  By late summer, when the grass was dry, I could cut down on the lowest setting in one pass in most places.  If you don't want a stripey lawn, this could be the only toy you need.  The 3-wheeled design gives a better view of any lurking stumps, so there's less chance of bending the crank key and it doesn't bog in the ruts made by the previous owner with a ride-on mower.  They will usually mash twigs and sticks up to about 3/4" thick. It will still clog on wet grass, of course, but, in Autumn, you can use it to blow leaves off the grass too.

A powerful hand-held strimmer (with 2mm thick, square cord) will tidy up (ie, 'grocer' if that's the vegetable equivalent of 'butcher') any edges or small patches.  The larger garden shops sell a cheap generic glycophosphate (= Roundup) weedkiller, with booster, in large quantities to deal with any left-over vegetation (shower curtains? :-))

neil(22) 1112205649

we have a 2 wheel tractor with a 53 inch sickle bar mower on the front......cuts anything up to about 2inch! brilliant at long grass.
new the machine is very expencive....but we do grass cutting....where are you?
thanks, hope this helps

fitfeet-386360 1112209843

We too had a problem with grass cutting, very uneven ground and very long grass, purchased a 3 wheel lawnmower, which is also used commercially. It wasnt cheap at 700€, but it has done a wonderful job, only draw back is that it is a bit slow, but for the end result its well worth it. And I too back this up with a debroussailleuse. In combination they both do a great job. Buy the best you can afford, however this does not need to be the most expensive! Stihl/Honda are now selling 4 stroke debroussaileuse, if you are interested.

Dragoman-384676 1112263361

To add to the confusion, technically, a debrousailleuse (flail cutter) for gardening purposes is either a robust '3-wheel lawnmower*' (tondeuse debrousailleuse) or a powerful engine-driven strimmer (debrousailleuse à bras).  The 3-wheeler is ideal in orchards, etc, where ride-on mowers are impractical due to lack of headroom.  Unlike rear-ejection lawn mowers without the basket, 3-wheelers do not throw whole apples, pine cones, sharp sticks, etc, back into the mower's legs and other soft parts :-((

*OK, sometimes they have 4 wheels and the more expensive ones may have a geared drive to protect the crank key.

bobby-385828 1123836893

Could anyone tell me how much a Debroussailleuse would cost?? and  where could I buy one?? We too seem to have a common problem, meadow grass which runs down hill!! trees, a driveway up the centre which is edged with rocks, a static home on site and a fosse, which I am worried about anything going over it. I am not looking for a 'Wimbledon' lawn just being able to keep it down so it looks better and to be able to get to the veggie plot!


Chris Wilkinson 1123837172

I gave up with machines when I a 2 year + 1 day old mower gave up and was no longer covered by guarantee - the piston came through the block.  Bought 3 sheep and they continue to do a very good job.  I have some lambs for sale that will do the same job for you.


eddie-386886 1123946436

We also have a "tondeuse debrousailleuse" which is magic and also found Espace Emeraude very helpfull in the choosing, buying and delivering process plus they have a very efficient after sales service.


rab hatstand 1123966815

The easiest way to deal with long grass is to pour whisky all over it.

Give it an hour or two and it will be half cut!


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