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Hello Heidi,I am for some reason not being able to send a private mail to you so here is a copy of the message I was trying to send-Hello Heidi,Thanks for the message,but unfortunately I am away from Brittany until about March.I do not know yet for sure if I shall be able to free up any extra time when I next get to Brittany as have got quite a lot of work on,but if you can let me know your whereabouts and I happen to be passing by that direction,maybe I could call in and advise you on your wall even if I cant find the time to stop off and work. If I manage to get ahead of myself then maybe I could find time to help you with what you mentioned in the private message.I shall let you know more regarding dates as I learn them myself.I am currently down in the stunning gorges du verdon in Provence and am enjoying a bit of time out walking and enjoying the beauty down here before going down to stage two of a big gardening job for lovely clients down near st tropez in the var.If you can let me know your thoughts and location,I shall be back in touch with any relevent info as soon as possible.I shall one day get around to putting up a video on youtube on how to build and repair dry stone walls which will hopefully help others  be able to do it well and save money.I hope that all is well with you and wish you a very happy and positive new year.LuvnstuffJamie xxBest wishes to everyone else for the new year xx

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