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I have just bought a property in France and need to equip it with a microwave oven.  Would it be better to to buy this in UK or France?  Is there the same choice and are they a similar price in France?  Would there be any problem with the slight difference in voltage?  The same question applies to electric blankets.  I have heard that English TVs are not satisfactory in France. rosa

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James-382784 1079030057

There is a good range of microwaves available in France but if you only want a basic one you might struggle to beat the cheap ones they sell in Tesco for about £35.  Don't forget though that your warranty will be useless in France.

Electric Blankets ??  just get a good duvet - you won't need them !

watt-382658 1079039749

Leclerc and Intermarche normally have microwaves with grills for under £30  so I would wait until you get here

Samantha-382568 1079081002

i would say just buy one in france - we bought our microwave from carrefour for about 30 euros, and i've often seen similiar prices in ads of other big chains (like leclerc).  plus it'll be one less thing you have to haul over!

liz-381983 1079271775

Microwaves are widely available, if you have to buy new buy it here, wide choice and good prices. Voltage is so cimilar it makes no difference. Electric Blankets are very rare indeed, I can't recall ever seeing one but I think they exist. I would suggest buy in UK for much more choice.

There is a problem with the different standards of TVs - PAL vs Secam. If you just want satellite TV a UK set is fine. If you want to receive French terrestrial programmes you will almost certainly need a French set.

Liz (29)

rosa-383516 1079311969

Thanks for the advice about microwaves, I will wait till I am in France to buy one. I will bring electric blanket from UK, it is for airing bed rather than warming me, so a duvet will not do!  Rosa


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