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My parents have a property in Redene that requires plastering throughout. My dad would like to go with with the English plastering style. Could anyone:Recommend a builder in the area (QuimperlĂ©, Quimper, Lorient) that is willing to do English style plastering. Inform us of how they successfully plastered their entire property. I'm obviously a little out of my depth on this one so thanks in advance for any suggestions. T

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digmac 1601634648

Wow this topic didn't get much traction. :(

listen very carefully 1601636104

I am interested to know what "english style plastering" is You need to bear in mind that many older french houses need a breathable plaster on the walls as they have no damp course so the moisture needs to be able to get out of the wall 

digmac 1601638703

Yes I was a bit perplexed when I was told that there was a difference. Apparently in France it is common to only skim over nail holes and plaster board joins but leave the majority of the board bare. Then to apply pva before painting.

My dad wanted the entire plaster board skimmed. I'm not sure if he's actually correct on the above.

Any recommendations on plasterers?

listen very carefully 1601717302

If it is on plasterboard that should not be a problem either way I would have thought 

Sorry but I am north brittany so cannot help with a platerer I am afraid

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