new septic tank

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Hi  all AI's Could anyone tell me if they have had a new septic tank installed,and what it costs approx,and would they be able to recommend anyone to do the work. thanks     Johnjohnkruger

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Froggy-383887 1115728286

We had one installed in January.  Your first port of call is the Mairie's office to collect a pack containing details of 6 different systems and an application form.  This will give you a rough idea of costs.  At the same time ask your Mairie to arrange for someone to come and do a soil sample as this will more or less dictate which system you can have.  Have mailed you with recommendations re firms to approach.


we didn't come here for the weather

James-382784 1115733570

John, to save yourself receiving a lot if incorrect advice please give us your department. The way of going about this varies greatly in different depts. so ignore any advice given here unless you know it is from someone in your area.

James ~ resident 35 ( between Dol and Combourg)

Ty Korrigan-387115 1115734186

That Froggy is right! Do not pay for any proffessional surveys until you find out if the S.A.T.E.S will do it for free, your Marie can put you in touch with these people and may save you 400E+

Or you can ignore me if you like...sob...

Le Corlaysien

johnkruger-386788 1115736345


 we live in area 56 about klms from Pontivy


Froggy-383887 1115736469

Cheers Ty!

James......the first port of call has to be the Mairie?  Please don't tell me I'm wrong on that one or I'll kill myself.

we didn't come here for the weather

johnkruger-386788 1115736491

I forgot to put how many klms (dipstick) about 8


LesÉpices 1115742975

Give Kelly a call of SKP Travaux Publics.  They are listed in the AI directory.  They installed our tank last year & dealt with ALL paperwork for us including permissions etc.

They are based in Malguenac near Pontivy.


James-382784 1115746211

Froggy, I can't speak for 56 which is where John is but here in 35 it seems that no, the first stop isn't the mairie - it's the Bureau d'Etudes. As I said, the system appears to differ greatly from one dept to another.

James ~ resident 35 ( between Dol and Combourg)

Froggy-383887 1115746419 :))

we didn't come here for the weather

James-382784 1115746535

Where should we send the flowers Froggy ?

Froggy-383887 1115747494

I've been planting flowers all day..........please no more I'll have nightmares.

we didn't come here for the weather

walnut72 1115749003

we used kelly from sjp too, fantastic!!

good value and very professional

loulou56 1115815000

We used SKP too. Excellent job and professional service. She speaks excellent French and did all the leg-work on getting the permissions, etc. Her number is 0297 273523.

johnkruger-386788 1115936267

my wife and i wish to thank everybody for there input .we have made contact with a few companys and picked kelly and she has been great ,we feel that a big weight has been lifted from our shoulders .again many thanks all


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