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Hi, we are about to start furnishing our home in Mur de Bretagne, and have been looking through the forum at peoples comments. I am looking for a reliable, reasonable gardener to maintain our lawn whilst we are not in the house. I keep hearing horror stories of folks being ripped off in one form or another.

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What a sad state of affairs. I hope you get sorted and find someone for your lawn.

There are lots of scare mongers.

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The local paysagiste, Victor Le Goff, is very reliable and has maintained gardens for english owners in the area for many years. Number in the local phone book.


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Sorry if that sounded abrupt re the phone number - if you don't yet have an annuaire, email me for more details. There is an english couple near St Jean (just outside Mûr on the Pontivy road) who have used him for 14 or 15 years.


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hi Rahul, there's a very good English couple, John and Debs from Life Style moves. tel 0296287703.

they have done work for us, and are registered to work here.and are reliable.good luck regards Martin

Judith & Martin, between Carhaix & Rostrenen (22).

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thank you all, my faith has been restored! I assume that as with all people buying in France I have become a little battered having to cut through the red tape. I'm sure it will be worth it. Will be in touch

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