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Hi - we've just moved in  and apart from the fact that the outgoing owners left tons of unwanted furniture and other debirs it's a great house. It's older so we expect some issues but having trouble locating information and artisans -- moving at the start of lockdown at least got us in but not making it any easier :) We have no hot water. It looks like the metre is set to auto so it should heat on hueres crueses but nothing for 4 days and previous owners say they know nothing. At a guess it's more likely to be an electrical issue than plumbing, though we also need a plumber for a non functioning shower and sink in an en suite area. Any ideas on the water and any recommendations of electricians and/or plumbers in the Scrignac/Huelgoat area very gratefully received.


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Hi, the Central Brittany Journal is a very good source of reliable English speaking tradesmen who may be able to advise you. I think there are plenty of tradespeople in your area as there are a lot of English people round there! 

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You need Sean Hendicott All details here

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In respect of the rubbish left by your sellers write to them requiring them to move the stuff by a certain date or else you will arrange its disposal and bill them for it

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Have you checked the fuse box to see if the circuit has tripped or have you checked around the appliance to see if there is a switch nearby I assume that you have also checked to see if the isolating valves for the water have not been turned off 

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Thanks so much for the input and links. We did check fuses and finally got hot water by putting it onto constant instead of heures crueses, which might indicate a problem with the timer. We've got someone coming tomorrow to do more investigatiing but the receommendation for Sean Hendicott looks very useful for the future and the CBJ is a great resource - huge thanks! Now back to the boxes :)

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When we moved into our house, we had a similar problem to you with the hot water. Plenty, if we turned it on manually, but nothing overnight when we assumed EDF would turn it on and off for us. 

Turned out the thing was wired into the fuse box incorrectly and had no connection to the EDF switched circuit.

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