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Odd question, but what is the french translation of a 'peg hole punch'?  This is for making the hole you find in shops for hanging items from the metal brackets.  Sort of oblong with a fatter bit in the middle!! And would anyone know where I could find one in France? Many, many thanks if anyone can help me with this!!**************Fleur

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MarieM 1112724444

If you are talking about the tool to make the hole, I think it must be :

"un poinçon pour trous de chevilles".



Fleur-387620 1112728219

I'll have a look on & see if anything comes up.  Thanks!


IanLey 1114544217

Hi Fleur

I guess you are referring to a "Euro-slot" punch.. I sell them. This sounds daft, but I am answering from home and all my prices are at the office and I can't remember how much they are! I also sell ink-jet printer papers including silver and Pearl card. Also canvas and magnetic sheet! Going back to the punch, I can also supply pre-punched cards for you to staple to your products. Anyway, if you are interested please let me have your address and I'll send you a brochure.

Best Wishes,


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