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Hello Would appreciate your advice on planting Lombardy Poplar Trees as a screen in a windy spot.  They will be situated along the boundary of my Farmer/Neighbour's Field and 17m from the side of my Garage.   I need something fast growing as the farmer has removed trees on both sides of our property and its now rather exposed.  I believe that there are rules for planting next to boundaries but I am unsure about distances. Many thanks & look forward to reading your replies.

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Trees should be TWO Metres from the boundary, but 2.5 would be better, as when the tree grows, the trunk will expand over the 2m mark. This extra 0.5m  will prevent any future complaints/disputes, where a neighbour can insist that the trees are removed.

Also, I would suggest pines, rather than poplars, as poplars can be very susceptible to fungi, and pines would provide year round seclusion/protection as they are green all the year. Maybe the 'dreaded leylandii,' would suit. They are fine if trimmed or topped annually. My neighbour has them, but keeps them cut fairly low.

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