Pointing my barn

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Hi there can I point up my barn without contacting the mairie or do I have to get permission first . Vick

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Nice-Sunshine 1518793549

Ask the mayor. It is free, they are normally happy to reply in person and will provide a better answer than " somebody on AI told me it was ok" if you get a fine for undisclosed work.

Vick-Evans-920398 1518794966

Ok thanks for that I think I will go see him as I have a number of things to ask when I get out there in a couple of months to renovate the inside . cheers

Oldbury 1518971023

No, Vicky, you don't need permission to point your barn but it is a good way to meet the Mairie which is something all newcomers to an area should do out of courtesy; it helps.

Jet Lag 1518971658

Which way do you want it to point?

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