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Does anyone know a good website or a shop over here where I can buy nice, patterned cellophane film on a roll, suitable for gift wrapping? There's loads of sites in the US but the shipping works out too much.  I've tried Rouxel, Retif & Raja in France & they have coloured film, but nothing with patterns on it.  I'm looking in particular for polka dots, xmas holly, things like that. Any ideas?  Many thanks.**************Fleur

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harley-388989 1124214413

Go to Google, Voila or similar and enter "Papier Cadeaux" into the French websites. Some are wholesalers but others offer retail sales and in bulk.


merlin-387436 1124216218

Hi Fleur

There is a place in Vannes called Mag - not actually visited it yet myself but they do bags, cellophane etc


Chris Young-384680 1124309754

Hello.  I bought some pretty film paper with white daises on in the local supermarket.  It's great because you can put any colour you want underneath.  L'eclerc (not sure about spelling though!)

Chris Young

Fleur-387620 1124313953

Thanks all, I'll get some asap!


harley-388989 1124356335

Sorry; thought you wanted something out of the ordinary!  If it's for a gift, the shop where you buy the goods will offer you a FOC wrapping service, even if it is a hyper!


Fleur-387620 1124358174

Thanks, I am looking for a large roll so I can wrap my own gifts so I'll look into these other shops.


Loulou-386525 1124961180

Hi fleur

Did you find what you are looking for.  Vannes is a long way for me but am looking for something similar also cellophone sleeeves and bags.  Let us know if there are any outlets you have found.





Fleur-387620 1124962166


You can get the bags from Rouxel.  Order a catalogue online  There's a couple of shops as well but also try the Retif shops.

I've found some nice polka dots & star print cellophane on rolls now!!


harley-388989 1124971924

Came across a specialist place in Dinan.  It is next to Intersport at the Lehon complex (Leclerc etc). Amongst their products was a choice of rolls in a box perhaps >100 metres. My wife said they were really "cheap" as far as price were concerned.


Loulou-386525 1125064579

thanks all

Have ordered a catalogue from Rouxell.


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