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We are living in the UK whilst renovating and have reached the stage of laying the concrete floor.We need to arrange delivery of ready mix concrete in advance of going over to lay it. Has anyone ordered ready mix in the Gourin area? how far in advance does it need to be ordered? has anyone paid from UK? costing per m3. what is the french term for ready mix concrete? Grateful for any info on this subject.  

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We had 3 cubic metres, €389 deliverd from Pasco Materiaux in Pontivy to near Priziac. Paid the driver with a cheque having ordered about 6 days before. Shot the lot through the front window on a chute, asked for "beton pret a l'empoli" and a "mixte humide pour un plancher interieur". All worked a treat, he turned up 5 minutes early from 25 miles away, with a lovely sloppy mix, by 6 hours later I could walk across it to turn the water heater on at the far side.

Try this link for details

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Would that be a normal or regular price? it just sounds a bit on the high side (we will need around 15cubic m of beton at some stage ) looks as though i will need to re hash the budget again.

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120euros a metre is what I was charged, ordered 2 days in advance. Get the self leveling mix, it really does! The man in the Avis Materiaux called it Auto Placement on the invoice it's called autonivelant. All you need is a good pair of wellies and a stirdy sloshing tool (T shape with a one meter piece of 2X1 attached to the end of a 3mtre piece of 2X2).

If you are using this sloppy mix you don't need leveling batons on the floor (just "dams" to stop it going where you don't want it) and if you are using insulation that needs to go under the damp course or it will just float to the surface.

It was more expensive than I anticipated but the alternative to an hours work in the morning would have been a week long slog.... and I've got a propper site mixer.

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Ready mix is about 100 to 120 euros per metre cubic depending if you add fiber etc.  Lafarge cement is in your region.  With ready mix it seems expensive but when you calculate the price of sand, cement, etc, the delivery and the labour it is much cheeper, also you get the exact mix and no weak points during stage drying if you mix it yourself.  Good luck

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Just checked my invoice, €90 per cubic metre, €18.50 delivery again per cube between 20 & 30 Km, plus TVA at 19.6%, €21.26. Total per cube €129.76. thats around £92 per metre. 

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