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Please can anybody help with information on a refrigerator engineer my freezer has a slight problem Thankyou

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countrydweller 1514814470

Assuming that you are not living at the North Pole a location would help people to help you

Tryval 1514823599

Be pleasant to omit the sarcasm :-)

Dick Caggles 1514845629

If at the North Pole however,The ambient air temperature around the condenser needs to be 10 degrees lower than the condenser so that the energy can be given off as radiant heat. If the heat from the condenser can’t radiate away into cooler air then the heat won’t be taken out of the food so it won’t get cold.

Frelon 1514975670

"my freezer has a slight problem"

It might help if you give us an indication as to what the slight problem is!

tavistock 1515098001

The alarm is on all the time it has a digital display

Joe-Huelgoat-383105 1515107792

Sounds like it needs resetting. A make and model would help.

Fitter 1515147530

Is it possible that the freezer is situated out of the house? In a garage, barn, shed etc? I which case there are only certain types of freezer that will cope with this, something to do with the type of refrigerant it uses.

I only know this because we are looking at buying a new freezer to install in an unheated utility room.

helicopterrob 1515263178

I have already messaged the OP. the freezer has a digital thermostat and  the compressor is not running. the most likely diagnosis from a distance is that it is the relay board  that is part of the  thermostat. Not an expensive replacement givent here are lots of generic replacement parts  - Worse scenario is compressor running but not freezing- that does not seem to be the problem.. In teh old days a sharp tap ont eh relay would probably have fixed but then  of course we go digital.

Now just to help on the freezer and fridge freezer  inside/outside  question. For most domestic  appliance the  refrigerant  will make no  difference. What you need to do is appreciate how the thing works then you can see why  the environment can cause problems.

Freezers generally are ok. The cabinet will run around minus twenty degree and  the thermostat will cut off  around minus 20/ minus 25 and come back on  say around the minus fifteen mark. Now if the outside temperature  is below minus fifteen then the  thermostat will not switch back on and  as a result the freezer content will  end up at  minus fifteen  rather than minus 20 the  optimum - if your freezer is in an unheated outhouse then turning down the thermostat  helps to compensate for this.

Fridge freezers are a whole different ball game and this is where you need to be careful. Single compressor  models  go through a cylce of freezing and then the thermostat is attached to the plate in the back of the fridge not the freezer. It  will cut back in as  the fridge  warms up. The thermostat has a much reduced differential. In a heated room this is not a problem   but put that fridge freezer outside  and if the temperature  this time drops  to  anything like  plus four degree of below then the  fridge will not get warm enough to switch the compressor compressor back on and the freezer will  effectively defrost.

This is in the simplest terms.  Fridge freezers  that have an auto defrost  or are frost free will tend to work better in unheated environments because there is a heater element that defrosts the  fridge cabinet, thus artificially heating up the plate and causing the freezer to cycleregardless of the outside temperature.

My choice would be  Freezer  ok  - turn down the  thermostat.

Fridge freezer single compressor probably not unheated room

fridge freeezer dual compressor - best choice if it is going to go in an unheated room or outhouse

Hope that makes sense, sorry if it is rushed but  need to be  elsewhere.

Fitter 1515263952

Beko is the only manufacturer that claims its upright freestanding freezers can be kept in garages. Its freezers are guaranteed to work in outside-room temperatures that reach as low as -15°C.

So if you’re specifically looking for a freetanding freezer for your garage, consider buying a Beko

moi-383589 1515267520

'Come home to a warm fire!'  :)

Joe-Huelgoat-383105 1515276171

I give up - still no make or model.  I had a Whirlpool upright that would put alarm light on and beep if there had been a power cut or temp got warmer than a certain temp. It would stay on regardless even though it was working fine until a reset procedure had been carried out. This is quit normal on most electronic display freezers. It is designed this way so that you are warned contents might have been spoilt whilst perhaps you were on holiday etc...

helicopterrob 1515281831


Shows how useful forums are, you learn something everyday, I  did not know that Beko are the only manufacturer that claims its  freezers can deal with low ambient temperatures and I was not aware that most electronic freezers  needed a reset procedure to restart after a power cut or temperature rise That is despite being F- gas registered refrigeration ( FGAS2000378 ) and having   been in the refrigeration business since 1978..Best I  bow out of this discussion and leave it to the experts. 

Dick Caggles 1515282507

No matter what you know helicopterrob, there is guaranteed to be someone on angloinfo Brittany that knows better. I could name the usual suspects but they already know who they are and I can't really be bothered to spend a whole 2 minutes re-registering after getting banned again. :D

Rance-384571 1515286782

. helicopterron we had two chest freezers in an outside garage and like you said they worked perfectly in all temperstures. Rather be informed by someone like yourself with many years of experience than the "jack of all trades, master of none" type that can frequent some forums.

le motocycliste 1515319809

Be fair,

JH said the warning light required a re-set operation, not that the fridge needed to be re-set.

Fitter 1515347980

 I did not know that Beko are the only manufacturer that claims its  freezers can deal with low ambient temperatures.

Didn't you? The information is all out there - google is your friend!

Dick Caggles 1515349127

Read it on the internet. Must be true.

Rance-384571 1515350187

Google is your friend? well only for those who have no actual experience of the subject matter. Experience for me every time.

le motocycliste 1515350853

Google is your friend? well only for those who have no actual experience of the subject matter. Experience for me every time. 

I wonder, just how do you recognise who is experienced in a particular field and who is not? Strangers on an internet forum can claim anything. you have no way of knowing for sure.

moi-383589 1515355071

However-chest freezers for garage use

Southern Guy 1515356697


that is a bold statement - the only one that produces a refrigerator for cold locations/situations....

Google is your friend only from local suppliers, IP address, and whether you purchase the "cheap" items, "medium priced" items or the most expensive - everybody gets different results.

..Alaskans, Finnish or people in Northern Canada can only choose a BECO? Get real..

Rance-384571 1515367915

lamotocycliste, it's very easy actually. You can tell the experienced posters simply by the way they post on a subject and can back it up.Over the years there have been some excellent people on here who have shown a lot of experience on a subject. Strangers well yes but even then, you can soon tell.

Fitter 1515400554

I didn't realise that when seaching for advice on a prospective purchase, it is best to disregard all advice and guarantees of performance from the manufacturer and consumer advice organisations, and refer instead to the "experts" on this AI forum. It only goes to show that you learn something every day!

helicopterrob 1515405044

Unfortunate thathis is in danger of getting personalised. I do not think anybody is suggesting that the advice and guarantees of performance from manufacturers and distributors should be ignored. I thought the problem was with the mis-information that Beko are the only manufacturer  bit, if people werer to only take that unqualified statement on board then they would seriously  limit their choice.

Getting the  discussion back on topic however the  op's problem was/is that the alarm is sounding but the  system is dead . My diagnosis qualified by the fact that I have not seen or inspected the  cabinet involved  i think makes sense compared to the  alternative suggestion that this once working freezer that no longer works  with the alarm fault indicated  is because they  may have the wrong make of freezer with not the correct type of refrigerant !.  The rest of the discussion does not help the op much but as an aside may just help someone ask the right type of question if they are  purchasing or replacing a unit.

As I stated I bring to the table  the  experience and qualification that is checkable - that does not make  me an expert but I can offer reasonable advice based on that.. I should add that i am not touting for busines either as my time in France is to escape not to work.

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