replacing a double glazed unit

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Pam Jones



we have got  broken double glazed unit In a French door which need to be changed. We have got the replacement glass and we just need to know what the rubber seal between the frame and the glass is called and where can we buy it in the Pontivy/Loudeac area.

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Tryval 1514829718

Not totally sure Pam, but check if you need new seals, on ours, the inside frame 'pops' out, enabling removal of the glass, which leaves the seals intact, they may not need replacement???

Southern Guy 1514845312

Get a professional in; then translation problem solved.

Artemis-Sphincter 1514881065

SG clearly has plenty of cash to flash.  Many of us have to live within a limited budget and take on a lot of jobs ourselves that would cost a fortune with a so-called artisan.  "Just get in a professional" is not a helpful reply.

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