Ride on mower (Tondeuse Autoportee)

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Hello, Anyone know of any bargains at present for such mowers? Looking at one of at least 11.5cv upwards to about 14. Saw one at Mr Bricolage, 14cv at 1899€, anywhere cheaper?  Appreciate your help. Regards, Rob

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DelBoy-386328 1113384588

Rob. Perhaps it's stating the obvious. You have to approach this like buying a car. What do you need it for? What size cut? Rough terrain or smooth lawn? Gears or hydrodrive? collector or side discharge? Read also previous threads here on backup and service. All this effects price of course but ensures you buy something that does the job. The most expensive purchase is the cheap one that does not do the job.


Michael C Feltham 1113388048

Couldn't agree more!

I bought two tractor mowers with the house: one was nearly new, the other a few years old. Both Rallye, with the ubiquitous B & G engine.

Now, originally, Rallye were made by a US company, American Yard Products (APC), later bought out by Electrolux.

Since Electrolux own virtually every major company producing garden and estate maintenance equipent, I thought service and parts would be a breeze.

Wrong! In the end, I had to import a cutter deck (the housing) for the older tractor from the USA! It was as much as Electrolux UK could do to even answer my emails, telephone calls and letters: which took two weeks.

Local motorequipe service centres in France were also useless: despite the fact that both mowers were bought in France!

In the final event, and despite the cost of shippping, the deck housing cost hundreds of Euros less, from the USA!

Cheap is always expensive in the long run.


Michael F

Bonedome 1113395839

Thanks for the replies, sounds like good advice.  I have about 2000M2 +, of area to cut, in seperate pockets of around 600M2, and some smaller areas including an orchard, all level except a fairly steep ramp to negotiate to one area.  Not bothered about anything fancy, the one in Mr Bricolage  at 14cv looks up to the job, also has mulching blades.



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Well Rob. Here is another thought, and one many people are not aware of. Is the machine that you are contemplating buying equiped with a fully pumped lubrication system? Many are not but rely on "splashed oil" to lubricate the engine. For ANY slope you must have a pumped system or the motor starts to operate without lubrication, even then the slope angle is generally 10 deg. max. I don't have to spell out what happens next. This is where the "cheepies" fall down


Bonedome 1113469170

Interesting!  I shall ask them at the store, the only slope I have is to get from one level of the garden up to the front, a concrete slope about 3m long.  Looked on B&S website, couldn't find the info though.




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To continue..

Honda mowers are made in France for the entire European market (in Ormes). Spares are easy to get and reasonably priced.

The engines are built in Japan, and I cannot praise them enough. I have a 2 yo Hydrostatic drive 15.5hp twin, and it has been fantastic despite it having to mow lawns and orchards. And inclinations!

If you get the opportunity, try and get a Honda secondhand...

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