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Sue Flude



Having spent a lot of time and effort in using some of our spare stone to create rockeries, but encountered a mega stumbling bloc - where can be buy rock garden plants?  We've looked around most of the garden centres within 30 - 40km of Rostrenen but not found anywhere that has a good selection, in fact, there are very few plants of this type on sALE. Any suggestions would be gratefully received - I do like growing from seed, but we would like a few plants in place whilst waiting for seedlings to mature.Sue Flude

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Sue you might find this useful:

Bit of a trek, I know.


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Sue, you could try La Jardinierie Hollandaise at St Brigitte which is not far from the Abbey de Bon Repos near the western end of the Lac de Guerledan. We have bought some rockery plants such as heathers from him in the past.

Unless he has changed his routines, Peter the Dutch owner is usually at the market in Rostrenen on a tuesday morning so you may have met him already. He is also in Pontivy on Mondays in the small square (not the big Parking).

He lived and worked in the UK for 11 years so he and his wife both speak excellent english - in fact the whole family is tri-lingual. Not the cheapest but his plants always seem healthy and sound and he is always helpful and knowledgeable.

Not sure how much contact info I can post here so email me for other details if you can't find him or his phone number.


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Many thanks to David and Syd for the information posted. We have been to La Jardinierie Hollandaise at St Brigitte, and apart from heathers, which we already have, they really didn't have anything for a rock garden. As you say, lovely people!

I've had a look at the site fir the Roscoff garden centre, and they would seem to have a very good selection of many plants. I shall get my book which gives the Latin names of most plants, and spend a couple of hours going through the very long list of plants offered. It is quite a long way to go, but on a dull day, when we can't actually work outside, it would make a productive trip out.

I am most grateful for your help. 

Sue Flude

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