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Southern Guy 1514997530

Tables are normally flat & probably every person owns one or more - at least has one in their abode..

chèvrefeuille 1514997824

Or they are the way children reinforce their understanding of number.

Fitter 1514999507

And they can be turned.

Oferyas-807188 1515004149

Before calculators, we had them in books or used a slide rule.

Southern Guy 1515004476

In the Queenie english but American engilish now rules the world..Get used to it..

Southern Guy 1515007076

Another possible ruse to get people to responded. It seems it worked..

Dick Caggles 1515008617

Oh god the humour! Stop it! My sides are hurting!

Southern Guy 1515008744

Yeah DICK, keep on laughing..

Oferyas-807188 1515010783

I'm reliably informed that in Amharic tables are culturally unknown, and the word for table (derived from Greek) only has one meaning - a group of Church elders. Not many people know this...... (I read it so long ago that I'm not even entirely sure I know it either now...)

Scary-10054200 1515015612

We are looking for old French farmhouse tables in any wood. Preferably large ones that will seat 8-10 people.

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Dick Caggles 1515017416

I've got a huge oak refractory which we got from a restaurant. Comfortably seats 14 people. Quite attached to it but might be prepared to let it go for offers exceeding 2000€

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