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Hi, in Normandy and the Dordogne it is quite common for a service to cut down trees where the ‘cutter’ takes half the wood as payment and stacks the other half for you.Does anyone know whether this is done in Cotes D’Armor and, if so, are there any contact details. I would like (at least) 2 large oaks removed.thanks

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Busterboy 1519373863

Try a nearby farmer.

Although it would be better to give more than 'half' if you are expecting the wood to be chopped and stacked, a lot of hard work cutting up oak, - not as easy as hedgerow poles!

Annabelle's Papa 1519375690

I think that used to be the case in Cotes D'Armor but any legitimate business paying the correct tax , insurances and social contributions cannot possibly afford to do it for half the wood.

There are companies that will cut down your trees but they will want it all, come when it suits them, leave on the edge of your property (not cut and stacked but in one piece) tag it and collect it when they have sold it.

paulsian 1519387021

Thanks for the responses, very helpful advice.

Oldbury 1519740449

Comments on here are spot on; it is a tremendous amount of work and if the brash is cleared, logs cut and split and stacked I would make it 70-30 in my favour, which is what I used to do for 13 years down in the Haute Vienne. Secondly the total amount of wood from 2 trees would not compensate for the hours and effort worked by someone doing this for you. A quote to do this work for you would make your eyes bleed. If you get someone to do the job for you or help you make sure you give them tea and cake at regular intervals.

Mary-Burton-883517 1519813143

Just a thought. There may be a restriction on cutting down 2 large oaks. Such a shame to cut them down, couldn’t some branches be lopped instead. Maybe check with your Mairie and ask the Maire or the Secretary.  There was an outcry near where I live at the felling of large oaks.

O-Ren Ishii 1519865204

Hmmm... 13 years in 'the' Haute Vienne is obviously not a solid grounding for life Brittany.

Oldbury 1519906620

because the amount of work required is different up here , eh, Oh wise one?

paulsian 1519908382

HI all, thanks for the posts. On advice my local farmer is going to do it for me. I just didn’t want to keep asking him, he is very busy but very obliging

For my part the issue was not about the ‘split’, simply reflecting what friends ( not acquaintances) had done elsewhere. I would have accepted 100% to the ‘cutter’ since I just wanted the trees down as they are in our way and on the edge of our woodland of similar size trees so not an issue with removing them. The amount of work is considerable I know - but also so is the amount of very commercially viable wood from trees of this size or people wouldn’t do it.

i don’t want to be the catalyst for people falling out, that isn’t my intent and I truly appreciate all of you who have given up your time to comment. Cheers


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