Wanted cheap plywood

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Could anyone suggest where I might purchase the cheap plywood used in England for concrete shuttering or anything similar?  Suitable to make ends of pig arcs. Fromage 

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Jase-387913 1114421359

Brico Depot if you have one near you. Brico Marché aren't too bad either. Point P have everything imaginable in stock, but are a little more expensive. Hope this helps.

Jason, Laval Dpt 53

fromage-382407 1114422041

Thanks Jase,

Have searched the Bricodepot catalogue but have not seen it do you know the French word for plywood or shuttering?

c2oafc-383379 1114422320

Fromage I beleive ... plywood is   contre-plaque, and the word for shuttering / formwork is coffrage, hope this helps...


Master Carpenter of Martigne....

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Am off to Point P many thanks.

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