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We need to contact the water services within Dept 22 (Cotes d'Armor). We have tried the phone number (from this site) of 0811904904 but it wont connect. Anyone know the right one? Thanks Clive Edwards

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Anna-384043 1085412283

I just checked our last water bill and that's the number they quote there.
You could try 0810 463 972 which I've got on one of their leaflets as a customer services line.

Joe-Huelgoat-383105 1085444594

Clive I wonder if you are ringing from UK ?

00 33 (0) 811904904 The (0) is not dialled.

Forgive me if you already knew or were calling from France.


Dave&Yvonne 1085473124

Clive - if you are ringing from the UK that explains your problem - "08" numbers are charged at non-standard (usually discounted) rates and are not generally accessible from abroad - same applies if you are trying to ring "0800" numbers from outside the UK.

Dave & Yvonne

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