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Hello...just a query regarding Water Bills.  Our Meter is due to be read...we will not be around. Can this just be an estimate and the Meter be read at a Later date with an up to date Reading...do the Water Companies allow this?   When are Bills due after the reading?  Can we pay online?  Cheers

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countrydweller 1515768478

Which water company are you with or is it commune run?Where is your meter situated?

moi-383589 1515781121

If your meter is outside, they'll usually read it and send you the bill.

rainbow56 1515786903

hi, you can read your meter and give them the numbers by internet, phone or letter.

LilyP 1515803300


We're with the water company based near Ducey (Manche) - our water reading taken in January is an estimate based on the previous year's reading - they come to read the meter for the actual reading in the summer (July, Aug??). I know it isn't Brittany etc and they probably vary but just thought I'd let you know.

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