What electrical appliances can I bring with me

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Hi, My husband and I are moving to Brittany in January and we are in desperate need of a new fridge.  Are they easily adapted to french plugs or are the incompatable.  Also I would love to know what other things I can and cant bring with me. Thanks Alison

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No problem with your fridge - you will just need to change the plug.

In general there are no problems with any electrical equipment.

If you want to watch French TV in colour then your UK TV won't be of much use; the french broadcast using the SECAM system whereas UK TVs only (officially) receive PAL. TVs sold in France will receive SECAM and usually the various varieties of PAL. You will only get a B&W picture with sound on your UK TV from SECAM broadcasts.

The new cheap (single standard) UK digital radios aren't of any use as french digital radio is broadcast on a different band. (And they will be only of limited use in the UK when digital radio is also broadcast in another, assigned but not yet implemented, band!!)

No problems with the dishwasher or washing machine (unless it doesn't like the higher french water pressure - we had a problem with a 15-year old Hoover where even new valves leaked and the drum slowly filled) or tumble drier. Washing machines and dishwashers should be wired to separate circuits back to the fuse box if they are to conform to current french wiring regulations.

No problem with cookers either, as long as you have a separate 20 or 30 amp circuit, depending on the cooker requirements. As far as I'm aware, double ovens are not sold in France. Single ovens usually just have a standard french plug.

Upright vacuum cleaners are also rare in France.

Telephones will need new connectiong leads between the phone and socket and there have been some reports of phones not working. I've not had any problems with DECT phones bought in the UK.

You will need UK-to-continental socket adapters for items with transformers in plugs (mobile phones, some portable radios, etc.)

You might want to check the make is available in France in case you might need of spares of important items.

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In a word everything!


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