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Hi we still live in the Uk but own a house in Brittany plonevous  du faou  kerbellec and have just been using for our own holidaying whilst still contemplating a permanent move with our two young children in the meantime we are now thinking of renting through booking.com and getting a local garden/cleaner to keep up with maintanance as and when we are not able , initially any thought on booking.com and also anyone know of any one wanting a bit of work ?! 

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Any one have experience of heat powered Woodburner stove top Fans?

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I am wondering if anyone knows where I can buy menorah candles near St Brieuc? Amazon has run out and will not deliver before Hannuka actually starts.

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Hi everyone,currently trying to decide which is the most cost effective way of heating a house I am renovating near Dinan.I am not looking to install central heating as such, but need enough power to provide hot water to fill a bath and run a shower, plus hot water to 2 bathrooms and a kitchen.No natural gas available, so bottled gas only as an option.Oil, maybe?Or electricany input on the comparable costs of these would be helpful, as I have a feeling they may be different to those in the UKlooking forward to replies

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Hi, I'm finally giving up on the dust and gloom of stone walls in the house and wish to paint them. Does anyone know of the name / type of paint used in france for this. I know it has to be porous but can't seem to find it on any of the hardware sites in France. Any help gratefully received.

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Hello everybody. I would like to build my own business. My idea is to be a concierge.I want to be the referent for second homes for the peoples who do not live here most of the time.I can take care of the homes, gardens, cars, boats.I can do the checks  in and out , if you decide to rent your property, take care of the keys, have a look at your house in winter when you are not here, do the maintenance, help you with french administration, pick up your shopping  (food, furniture...) The idea is for you to enjoy your second house without the boring  things. Your house is ready to use when you arrive (warm, clean...). And help you to rent it if you are not here and make it more profitable. There are plenty of things to do and i want to know what would you expect from me and how much would you pay for it . Thanks for answering me.

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Does anyone have information on an organisation that recycles furniture? I've got two settees (advertised on here) that are perfectly serviceable but need to go. I'd rather donate them to someone who is in need than take them to the dechetterie - near La Gacilly (56) TIA

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Is anyone else out there experiencing difficulties using Hotspot Shield Elite?  Or have you found a solution?Thank you.

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Hi I live between La Gacilly and Redon and need a large oak tree cutting down by a professional as it is near my house. Can anyone recommend someone?

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Hi, We are thinking aboit installing CH, but what is the most economic between gas, oil, electric, any thoughts ? At the moment it would seem that electric might be cheaper because we would not have the installation cost of tanks etc 

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Can any one tell me if I can get smokeless fuel in Brittany and where

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Hi all, I'm looking to put French TV into a gite and would value constructive advice on type of ariel, what channels to expect and where to site it.  There are lots of types available but I have tried a small compact multidirectional device but only got 5 channels which didn't include TF1, TF2 or TF3 so I think a traditional type may be best.  I already have UK Freesat via a dish and could put up a mast on a gable end.Any thoughts welcome

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Looking for a Drive Sprocket and Drive Sprocket Cover for my McCulloch CSE 2040 chainsaw - seems impossible to buy spares, unless you know better, so I am hoping someone might have a dead one.

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Has anyone used the paint mixing service that they offer in the Bricos (similar to Dulux in UK)?  If so, can anyone tell me what sort of quality the paint is - ie does it cover well or is it the usual substandard product?Any recommendations for brand and where to buy appreciated

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After 12 years of trying and a number of attempts we have found some local Gardeners in our area at long last.Kevin Saluan is a Landscaper who comes 3 times per annum to cut back hedges,Trees and Scrubs and then a local young man comes to do the regular Border maintenance and weeding for a couple of hours per week between April and October.It has taken some time to achieve a satisfactory level of Service but I would recommend these Guys in the area.If anyone is interested let me knowRegardsPaul

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It looks as though I will have to replce the wood burner in my sitting room.  Can anyone recommend a supplier and installer in the Pontivy / Josselin /Loudeac area?  Thank you.

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Hi All, looking for recommendations for a carpenter to make & fit two custom sized doors, Merleac 22460. Of course I've looked at the directory here, and sent a few messages, but it seems that there is no way of keeping track of messages sent - am I missing something? I don't want to continue sending enquiries as I didn't keep a record of those I've contacted! Tell me there's a place where my "sent messages" are stored.....?Ta all.

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Hello..Next year I have to help sell some lovely old antique French furniture .. Where is the best place to sell it .. Thanks Rgds Chris

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Hi, can anyone advise me where in Morbihan it is possible to buy flexible gas piping by the metre, and not in pre-cut lengths?    thanks.

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Hi we are looking for a key holder/clearer plus other duties for our gite near Collinee, if interested please replay 

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