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Hi, can anyone advise me where in Morbihan it is possible to buy flexible gas piping by the metre, and not in pre-cut lengths?    thanks.

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Hi we are looking for a key holder/clearer plus other duties for our gite near Collinee, if interested please replay 

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We bought a modern house earlier this year; the people who had it built did not oversee the build and the under soil and rubble was put on top of the top soil, as is very often the case in new builds. As a result the garden soil is awful, absolutely full of rocks and bone dry; i have to garden using a pick-axe. We will make raised beds for the vegetables that we will grow but meanwhile I am looking for various sources of compost, well rotted manure (without straw if possible) and large amounts of leaf mulch. If anyone has some to spare and close to Redon/Peillac/Pluherlin area, please let me know and I'll collect with gratitude.

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i am sharing own personal experience  few time back  i purchased some enclosures from shower brand company Dabbl, Really he given bes quality design shower enclosures with very cheap price so thanks dabbl brand, really he is best shower company  www.dabbl.de

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Hi all - does anybody have any recommendations for a "pro-active" estate agent that covers Lanrelas (22250).I know the thoughts about not using an agent, nobody likes paying the fees etc but as we do not live at the property we cannot use Le Bon Coin etc as we are not around to show people round so need to use an agent.I know that estate agents in France are not like the UK and have loads of properties of their books, many of them for a long time, but thought somebody might have had a positive experience that they could share.Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.Margaret

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I am trying to decide on some new kitchen tiles but am struggling to find a selection of any that I like. They all seem to be huge and the colours are super bright, neither of which would look right in my kitchen even if they were to my taste. Obviously, what I am looking for is not fashionable here but I cannot be the only person looking for something a little more subtle (but not white, beige or neon) and 20 x 20 cm or 15 x 15 cm sort of size. I have been to places like Conforama, Point P, Brico Depot, Leroy Merlin. Does anybody have any other suggestions? I am in central Finistere.Thanks.

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Hi,I have just posted a house clearance for Guemene sur Scorff, but did not put dates and cannot edit it. The dates are 4th and 12th of November, and if you contact me I can open the house on Weds 1st.

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I generally use Leyland or Johnstones primer undercoat for wood, but Im running out fast. As anyone used, or can recommend an equivalent that I can buy in Brittany.  Thank you.

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Can anyone recommend a Plasterer for a small job on the exterior low wall of a conservatory. I know I can do a search but I specifically want recommendations. Thanks.

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From previous 'heated' discussions on this subject, I would like some clarity on what I should do to change provider..I have a fixed line which I pay line rental to: orange.frThe calls made out on this fixed line are billed and  paid to:  Phone-expat (only use this if internet line is down) - so rarely get a bill from them.I have a seperate internet/tv/phone line: paid to orange through a different telephone numberI am hoping some one can help me understand what I should do in order to change provider and have the following:- just have one internet line for phone/tv/internet connection- keep my 'fixed' line  telephone number for this 'internet' line- cancel both internet line and fixed line with Orange and change to SFR- cancel 'phone-expat' without incurring any cancellation charges (have been with them donkeys years)- still keep my 'wanadoo' email with the new provider.- if my 'fixed' line number can be kept as a internet line, will 'phone-expat' still charge me calls using that number during the cancellation period!- Am I best cancelling in writing and waiting 3 months before even considering changing provider, or should the new provider do everything.  Should I try and cancel Phone-expat debits from my bank account now?Appreciate any constructive advice.  Very, very confused!Thank you--

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We would like to fit indoor shutters to our windows instead of curtains.  We already have outdoor shutters which are very heavy and quite difficult to access on a daily basis. We have just had new windows fitted so thought lightweight indoor shutters would be perfect.  I am not keen on the Plantation type but wonder if anyone knows what's available and if can anyone recommend Suppliers/Fitters/Carpenter to make at reasonable cost.  Thanks in advance.

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Hi all,I have recently paid an english builder in full for work in our house in Brittany. We currently live in the UK (hoping to move over this year) so I was not present when the work was carried out. Upon inspection the work is sub standard and needs to be rectified.My question is if the builder ignores my request to put the work right, what are my options? Is there any legal action I can take against the builder?Any help or advice would be most appreciated, the builder has had a large amount of money of us, and if they do not put right we are going to have to pay someone else all over again to rectify, which is simply money we do not have.RegardsBrittanyguitarplayer

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Is it just me .. or are Greenacres slow at updating their website .. I found a house for sale on their listings that was sold and signed for over three months ago ..The new owners have moved in and are doing renovations ..

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Hi - can anyone tell me what regulations there are in France for installing a wood burner.  We have bought an invicta and our builder offered to install it but having had my fingers burnt (couldn't resist it - sorry!) with the said builder's conformity/ lack of/ knowledge I am doing my own homework.  Do we need a registered fitted?  Do we need to put in place any safety regulations? I'd be grateful for your help.

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Where can I get timber feather edge or shiplap boards in area 22 or north 56.Thanks in anticipation.

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Can anyone recommend a reliable tradesman to remove and replace a wood burner in my sitting room?    There is only space for an "set in" model.Thank you.

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I am looking for a larger TV due to eye sight problems etc and want to know if I bought a New French TV eg Panasonic from Amazon - can it be tuned into UK programmes - have satelite dish and currently using Freesat,    Thank you.

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Hi, A few months back I posted a query about the whereabouts of decent garden centres in 35 near St. Hilaire du Harcouete. I was given a really good lead to an enterprise very close to to St. Hilaire, but, I have foolishly lost the post ! Can anyone remind me of a good garden centre close to St Hilaire du Harcouete ? Thanks !

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I have a 2 year old Samsung tele connected to a somewhat older Humax box. The lower half of the screen has suddenly become quite dark & the lettering at the bottom of the screen at times difficult to read. The problem is that I am unable to determine if the fault lies with the tele or the box.Has anyone out there any knowledge of this problem & if so your advice would be welcome.

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HelloFirst of all thanks to John for the advice to post in the forums. I have just arrived at my dad's holiday home just outside of Josselin. The electrics kept on tripping out at least every half hour or so (now we cannot turn on at all) and we can't figure out what is causing the problem.  So we have no heating/hot water or any cooking facilities. Urgently seeking any good electricians (preferably English speaking as my French isn't the best). On a separate note a couple of the upstairs radiators aren't working so looking for a plumber or somebody otherwise qualified to have a look at them.Kind RegardsMartyn07837080760

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