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Hello all,We need a new septic fosse and have been quoted for an electric one rather than...non electric. I understand why as the gradient of our garden is upwardly steep and it would have to be ridiculously deep to install and after seeing photos of my neighbours installation, a complete mess afterwards!However, my hubby is concerned as our house is a holiday home for us only, the infrequent use may cause problems with it working.The advice has come from a reputable company but can anyone provide anymore support or advice for this kind of fosse please?Thanks in advance

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Does any of you cake making ladies know where I can get cake boards from, I've now run out and my local shop has run out and I'm pulling my hair out. 29 & 22 areas yes I'm desperate, yes I've checked with Amazon but their delivery date is after when I need them.Thankyou

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I have a nest of hornets in my garden.I live in Guilliers 56.Is there any one near me who clears them?

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We're thinking of moving into the garden so that the flies can live undisturbed in our house.   Seriously, all of our windows have fly screens, the entrance into the house has 3 hanging screens as you move from outside into the utility room, into the hall and then into the kitchen.  We have so many flies (not blow flies) in the house that we don't understand it.   We have fly stickers on the windows and use fly swatters but nothing is helping.  We must have killed around 100 in the last couple of days and still they keep appearing.  We do have chimneys but we use woodburning stoves and have sealed off the chimney around the pipe.   Can anybody help please??

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We have a building 180 m2 that we want to clad. We have looked at wood, PVC, Concrete etc. flat or overlapping?   We don't want anything that requires ongoing maintenance but we just cannot figure out which type of cladding would be best in the French weather conditions. We live in a fairly mild climate in 22240 Plevenon - near Frehel - a couple of kms from the sea. The summer days can be hot and sunny,  but we don't think there will be extremes in the winter as a rule. Has anyone got positive or negative remarks or information about any sort of cladding?  As it is such a large building, cost will of course be a factor but inexpensive to apply the cladding and then expensive maintenance is not what we are looking for.......... look forward to your input and thank you for your time in doing so. 

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To save agent fees for a buyer, i tend to advertise my home as a private sale item. So i try to do private ads in LeBonCoin.fr Ebay.co.uk green-acres etc.but my response is so poor b/c exposure is not there, Brexit, something else - dunno.Has anyone had better success selling? What agents, websites did you use to sell your home ?thx

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We have a 3 bed farmhouse and heat with oil and have an open fire in the winter. Our electricity bills are over €6000 per year! Our counter makes a lot of noise and it seems it my be defective. It's also very old! During the week there is only two people at the property!I have repeatedly asked our energie supplier to change the meter or come out and do a chec one it, but a guy turns up looks at it and says it's OK and goes at the cost of €55 euro's for the priveldge!Does anyone else have or had a similar problem?

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Hi BrittanyFrom the end of November, my wife and I are relocating to Brittany from Normandy where we have lived for 12 years. We are in the process of purchasing a house but will need a house to rent from 20th November for 3 - 6 months whilst we renovate.Needs to be 1-2 bedrooms. Must have at least 30m3 storage, i.e. garage or barn or spare room. Both in mid-50's, so no animals or children and don't smoke.Must be located in the Lesneven area or close to the beaches. Plan to spend no more than 600 euros per month.Must have good internet and UK satelite connection (or we will put up our own dish).Anybody aware of a property like this, please email.Thanks in advanceSteve

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Hi....does anyone know of a reasonably priced (don't laugh) company or individual who retins (sp?) copper pots.  I am in Department 22.  Thanks so much.  

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Hi, I have been researching best wood for stoves. Chestnut is poor, Horse Chestnut is good, sweet chestnut is medium. However, every search I do regardless of the type comes up as Chaitignier. So if I am buying bois de chaufage advertised as 'chaitigner' how do I know if it is Chestnut, sweet chestnut or Horse Chestnut ?

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I bought two reversable air con units from brico depot and I can't get anyone to come and fit them! Does anyone know of a fitter who can do this for me?  I Live near Le Mont Saint Michel. Must be able to gas the units once installed!

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When we receive our tax fonciere and tax dhabitation bills for 2017 are these bills for the comming yeat ie 2018 or for the past year starting January 2017 bit confusedThanks john56

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Looking for regular Grass cutting , only c. 56m2 and garden tidy. Holiday home. Travel costs paid of course. Can anyone help in this area please? 

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I'd like to introduce my 12 year old son to fishing, i fished many years ago and im looking for a lake where we could fish with a little guidence and have a great chance of catching something, all suggestions welcomethanks johnbetween Guingamp and treguier

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The house we are thinking of buying has a well in it, which supplies the house. There is also a tap in the kitchen fed by mains water. The owners have drunk the well water all their lives, and are still around to tell the tale, but would like to get it tested professionally. Anyone know which labs do this and rough costs.Thank you.

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I am looking for an expert in leather repairs to mend our much loved leather settee, does anyone know of one they would recommend?

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Hi folks,Does anyone know a reliable cleaner in the 35 area? Looking for someone to do a deep clean of my 3 bedroom house followed by weekly visits , can pay cash!I did have a look at the classified section of this site but couldn't find anybody in the area, perhaps one of you will be better cyber sleuths! 

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I would be very grateful to get some advice.  We have a well in the Garden...covered with a 45cm very heavy Circular Stone flat on the Ground.  The well is lined with a circular cement pipe. We would Like to build up the well sides for protection when children visit. Is this easy and affordable to do? Can we build a circular frame of breeze blocks and face with stone or just use stone.  Any advice on suppliers?  Also how do we pump the water so we can it use for the Garden...don't want to use it for domestic purposes.   Thanks in advance we are very new to all of this.

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We are looking to buy a house in Brittany but it has a fosse septique. As I have no experience of  fosses what do I need to look for and how easy are they to maintain.Thanks john 56

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I'm still looking for a decent woodburner, must take 500cm logs, matt black and flat top with cooking plate. Currently have an enamalled Esse that takes 30cm logs, if anyone interest.

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