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Does anyone know of anyone that does chimney sweeping and fire servicing in area 29 please? 

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Hi, I need a Locksmith that covers the 29530 area (Plonevez du Faou), does anyone know of one?

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My parents have a property in Redene that requires plastering throughout. My dad would like to go with with the English plastering style. Could anyone:Recommend a builder in the area (Quimperlé, Quimper, Lorient) that is willing to do English style plastering. Inform us of how they successfully plastered their entire property. I'm obviously a little out of my depth on this one so thanks in advance for any suggestions. T

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Wanted reliable person to erect posts (concrete} and panels.Any recommendations.cruguel 0297 730574

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Does anyone know if it is possible to hire a carpet cleaning machine.  We are near Priziiac so in reach of lorient and Pontivy; Margaret

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what are the black flies that are around just now and bite

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Does anyone know of a skip hire service in area 29 near Healgoat? Do you know of the average cost of hiring a Skip? Many Thanks 

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Can anyone give me the e-mail address for Vince Boon plumber in MX please Tried the e-mail I have and it bounces back Thanks

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I have recently takenownership of a property close to Lignol, which, after some years of being let,is now in need for light refurbishment.   We have not completed a detailed specification as yet, but expect the programmeto include; minor roofing repairs, repair / replacement of shutters, internalupgrades of bathrooms, paving / fencing repairs and fosse upgrade.  The property will also require decoration internally& externally.  If this is somethingyou would be interested in, please contact me.  Jonathan

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Looking for help in replacing two doors for a Hygiena cupboard.  There are no companies selling Hygena in France wondered if there is anybody out there could offer a solution. Thanks.

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I have recently takenownership of a property close to Lignol, which, after some years of being let,is now in need for light refurbishment. We have around 5 acres of land (half of which is quite wet) and the previous owner had plans to dig a small lake (approx one acre).  I understand he met with the Marie who was supportive but ill health meant it was never taken further.  I have heard various conflicting opinions, but wondered if anyone had been through teh process or new the steps involved?  I will also need somebody to dig it!  Jonathan

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Hello is there anyone in or near callac that could send me my mail to Cornwall uk i need my green insurance slip to come back to Brittany i will send over some euros thanks paul 

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Although understanding the rules about when you can make a noise whilst gardening I wondered does anybody know if there is something about persistent, unreasonable amounts of gardening? Can a person make as much noise as he wishes when gardening, in a residential area, for all the permitted hours every day or are you in your rights complain?

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We are thinking of replacing our electric water heater (not desperate)  does anyone know if new ones come with a timer in them, and a thermostat?

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We are in Morbihan & need to buy a Kitchen.  Can you recommend a reasonable supplier.  Have thought about transporting units from the UK,  not sure of the Practicality of this if anything goes wrong.  Any advice very welcome.

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Does anybody know of a person to sharpen my chain saw blade

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Hi,  Can anyone give me the details of a Locksmith in the region of Cote Armor..  (22).  We are currently in the UK due to lockdown.  Access is required of our property in France.  However the door wont open with the front door keys.   A second set have been sent from the UK special delivery but these have ended up in Torino, Italy as they have been put on the wrong plane.    Please could you send me the details of a local locksmith... Thanks 

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I purchased some paint from a lady a couple of years ago.(stone pain) was this you ?.I think you came from Guernseyaround plue griffet way if it was get intouch.cruguyelgas@live.com..

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Advice required on Electrical goods for Kitchen: Fridge Freezer Cooker Washer etcWill there be a problem using Uk white goods in France or is it just a matter of changing plug?I intend to take  full kitchen Units and white goods over as they are compatible with units

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Hi We are looking for recommendations for an English speaking property manager in the Morbihan area. Our property is close to Merdrignac. We require someone to clean the property/wash and dry bed linen, ready for friends/family to use. Also it wold be helpful if they can also attend to any small DIY issues or have access to trades to deal with any other issues.Thanks in advance Steve

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