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Need English speaking artisans for roof work and floor work in our house in Mael Carhaix, been waiting 3 months for the roofer to start and the leaks are getting ugly (mold, mushrooms) NEED HELP!

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Need English speaking artisans for roof work and floor work in our house in Mael Carhaix, been waiting 3 months for the roofer to start and the leaks are getting ugly (mold, mushrooms) NEED HELP!

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Hello.  We have moved just recently to Brittany area 22.  Is anyone able to recommend an English speaking person that could help us with our decision around septic tank or a water treatment plant and suitability within our grounds for either option. Thank you in advance.

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Hello. We own a small house just outside Bulat Pestvien. Unfortunately my husband died, very suddenly and very unexpectedly August last year on the way to the house. This has resulted in us not visiting the house since last May 2019. I am looking to find someone who would be able to go and cut the grass(lawned area to the front of the house) and cut the hedges (privet to the front). Can anyone recommend anyone who can be contacted via email, please? Kind regards Jane

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Our pump for pulling water from the wee has ceased working.Anybody know of some one who knows of these things.

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Looking for someone to board up & secure a property in Meneac for me. I haven’t been out there for sometime and the house has been broken into. Any suggestions gratefully received.

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Hello. I have an urgent requirement to get back to my house near Josselin (22210). I’m in UK at the moment and I need to leave my camper van here, go to Josselin and pick up my car, and come back to UK. I’m happy to share costs and am a member of Club Voyage so can get discount in crossings if that helps. I can make my own way to UK port, just need to organise transport from French Port to my home in France.  It’s just me and a small camera bag, no luggage. Is anyone able to help please?Thanks for reading.  Pete.

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Does anyone know of or can recommend someone who can supply and design a kitchen.  Off the shelf units would be fine but really need someone who will visit and see exactly what is required as it isn't really something we can do in a showroom.  For anyone who is about to recommend Rigid Kitchens I have already contacted them and they no longer trade in France.We are in Dept 56

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A Line of Trees have been removed in our Lane on our Neighbour's side.  Our house is now somewhat wind swept & lacking Privacy. We now need to Plant trees as a wind break on our side of the Lane. The area to plant is near the Pipework of a Fosse Septique & a garden wall. We would be grateful for any suggestions of Fast growing Shallow rooted trees or would a Hedge be more suitable?  The length is about 20 metres.  I was hoping to plant trees as it cuts down on maintenance but I am aware that a Hedge maybe the only way to go.  Welcome any suggestions.

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When it comes to encountering the most embarrassing things in life having a dirty bathtub is certainly up the list. It can be very embarrassing in front of your family members as well as your friends that use your bathroom. Moreover, it can also affect your health in a negative way. Fortunately, you can carry out the process of bathroom tub refinishing easily by hiring a professional to do it for you. These refinishers are equipped with special chemicals that are used to wipe every last stain from your bathtub. You can have a new bathtub every six months by giving them a call.How to find the best bathroom makeover for yourself?At the end of a long hard day, nothing can be more relaxing than a bubble bath. First of all, you may want to clean the space you want to sink in while you relax. Your time of relaxing in the bathtub can easily turn into a gross nightmare because of the rust, grime, and cracks. No matter how bad is your bathtub some of us don’t get our bathtub refinished as it is considered to be overwhelming.No matter how bad is your bathtub there is always a renovation option for you that will fit your budget. Discussing some of the options from which you can choose from.Bathtub Re-glazing:This option can be referred to as many things. Resurfacing, recoating, refinishing and re-glazing are some of the popular ones. This option usually has a fairly simple and straight forward process. An expert starts by sanding down the tub's surface, fills in cracks and worn areas, and then applies several coats of primer and paint before doing a final buffing. For the time being this option will give you good results but it is not a permanent solution to your dirty bathtub problems. It is a purely cosmetic update.Advantages and disadvantages of Re-glazing:Pros- Bathtub re-glazing is one of the most affordable bathtub renovation options out there. It is not a very time-consuming process typically takes up to a single day to complete.Cons- The special chemicals used by professionals can be dangerous for some people. Re-glazing is a process that can only be done once. The weather can also play a part to determine how long will it take to dry the newly refinished bathtub coat.Bathtub liners:The acrylic replica of a bathtub is known as the bathtub liners. Although, you can opt to change the color or the style of your bathtub if you choose this option if renovation. This includes an easy process as compared to the other options available out there. These are relatively easy to install. In this process, the professionals will install the liner on top of the existing bathtub. Installation typically takes only a day or two, but the whole process can take between one and two months since installers first need to take photos and precise measurements of the area before molding a liner out of acrylic.Advantages and disadvantages of Bathtub liners:Pros- timing is one of the best features of bathtub liners. It takes one or two days to complete. But in case you want your walls done as well it might take a bit more time. It is a very affordable option for people on a tight budget.Cons- This may be a good option to take but it will not necessarily change the look of your bathtub. Prices may vary depending on the material you choose for your liners.Replacing the old bathtub:If your bathtub is in such a bad shape that it is beyond repair you should consider the option of replacing it entirely. Although, this is the most expensive and time-consuming option out of all the others. It involves taking out your old bathtub and replacing it with a new one.Advantages and disadvantages of replacing your bathtub:Pros- by choosing this type of renovation you are giving yourself a chance of selecting material for your tub. By doing so you can always opt for the less expensive alternatives. You can transform your bathtub any way you want. You can choose the color and the style as well. This is a long term solution to a dirty bathtub as compared to the other renovations available.Cons- it is probably the most expensive option for the renovation of your bathtub. It can cost you upwards of 300 pounds to get your bathtub replaced. You may have to pay for the new tiles around the new bathtub as well. It is an extra expenditure. This can take a long time to be done. As some of the customized bathtubs can also take a month to install.Old and neglected bathtubs can be very harmful. It can affect your health as well as your image in front of your family or friends. So get it renovated today by choosing the best option that suits you the best.

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Hi  We live near Saint Nicolas du Pelem in 22480. We are looking for someone to come and have a look at our zinc guttering. Think we need some new brackets and another downpipe fitted asap

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Hi Can anyone recommend a qualified English speaking electrician in Area 56 - we are near Guilliers. Thanks!

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Hello everyone,we are planning to install a photovoltaic system at our property. We can buy the system oneself and work can be done by my husband. Unfortunately our French isn't really good. As far we know, after installation, we have to sign with EDF and they have to come and change the electric meter for reversible. But no idea how to start.  Dose anyone know how to proceed with EDF registration? Any help well appreciated.Nat

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What should I expect to pay per day for a backhoe and driver to dig out for septic and remove some tree stumps? Iam in dept 56 just outside GuerThanks 

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Good morning. I have read with interest the various blogs on the flooding some 6 yeards ago on the Loyat campsite. I am looking at a virgin pitch adjacent to the lake which Keith the campsite owner mentioned had flooded.There are several othe statics nearby. My static will be 2' of the ground. My concern partly is how to secure the vehicle to the ground.Keith says the French do no like concrete and he is suggesting railway sleepers.Obviously one has a vision of the whole lot floating away-am I worrying to much about a rare event? Insurance of course maybe an issue.Your thoughts and xomments would be much appreciated.best wishesBernard Stoneham

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Title says it all really, I don't live here full time so I may have missed the boat on where to get these.  For now I have lots of plastic to get rid and no yellow sacs to put it in - help .....

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Does anyone know why hotspot shield have imposed a data limit and seem to be ignoring current elite membership?  Thank you

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