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Can anyone tell us what restrictions or regulations there are about putting up a garden shed of less than 3m2? Are there any permissions or declarations involved or, as it is so small can we just put it up? We have a building plot with CdU and are awaiting Permis de Construire. Any advice gratefully received. The shed we have seen is metal & would only be used to store garden tools between visits. JanTydying to move but no house built yet

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Need some advise on where to start with getting windows put in in our extension.The extension is only about five metres square and we want two or three windows,plus a velux put in.The extension faces our garden and our neighbours gardens.Does anyone know what order to go about getting a permis,architects drawings done ect as want to get on the go with this project but keep dithering as to where to start!  

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like everyone at the moment, I am plagued with garden moles. I have tried everything on the market but with out success.Can or does anyone know of a pest control person in Brittany, in the Lamballe/Loudeac region. A friend of mine used on last year but the telephone number is now unavailable.He successfully got rid of them for this friend.All advice welcome.Carol and Brian

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Does anyone know the meaning of being left white pampas grass,outside ones door? Is it a local ritual,or possibly witch craft?Or maybe something more sinister,I know that theres a man in Guilliers called Dave who has lots in his garden. I have contacted Alan Titchsmarsh,he seems to think it's a sign of virility?Tony

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1)To sort out minor problems on PC 2)To sort out minor problems to laptop 3)To link the 2 to exchange data And a few other hiccups Davel

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We’re in the process of shipping an MFI kitchen out over several car trips. It was designed at MFI Orpington to cover about three 3 Metre wall of our cuisine, and incorporate the original sink although there may be some bodging to make that bit work. My concern is that I can’t see it ever getting finished – I took a whole week to put a wardrobe and cupboards in our UK bedroom, a friend of mine who works from his office at home took 18 months to fit his kitchen! Just testing the water at the moment but are there any French artisans with experience of putting these systems together? Not many I would think as the French don’t generally have fitted kitchens.Ped & Caz

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Hiya, Does anybody have a greenhouse they are looking to get rid of?  or know where to buy one from, I know now and again you can buy one from a 'job lot' for example Castorama had a few for sale, but they are so rare over here!  unless anybody knows different! Would be grateful for any information.    

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this is a second posting - if you have responded , many thanks> I shall be in touch Is there any more advice out there?? ref below ...thanks again ------------------------------------------------------------- Is there anybody out there who can give advice. I'm planning to install a 'dug in' pool> Any pointers on .. Dig hole yourself first or get a pool constructer to do the whole job? Heating? what type .. geothermic / heat pump.. if needed at all? any idea of type of liner / tiles /etc. maintenance costs? Any tips would be greatly appreciated? recommended constructors / digging contractors Many thanks   colin.rudge@wanadoo.fr

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I've been here before.  Creating a new garden from scratch.  Waiting 3/4 years for everything to mature .. and then had to leave it !! But now I really am getting old and want to see the benefit NOW (or soon !) The house I have just bought has a "virgin" garden.  I'm pretty desperate (see posting about Bamboo Roll Hedging).. to get something up and running ASAP along the two sides to give me some privacy.  I can't wait (with stamping of the foot!) three years !!! Does anyone have any mature shrubs to sell... how many ... well the estimate from a Paysagiste is 76 shrubs  (37ml height?) So,if you are overgrown with small trees or anything suitable .... I'm buying !!! Would really welcome some input from anyone who has had a similar problem! Cheers

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Can anyone recommend an electrician for full rewire in the Guemene area.  They do not need to be English speaking, even though it would be useful as my technical French on the subject of electrics is probably not up to scratch, but I could quite easily get by.

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Does anyone know where we can get 13  3 metres x 1.2 metres x 16mm thick in the Dinan area for a large greenhouse that we are buildingSaraAREA 22

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I'm in the process of laying a parking area for 8 cars, I've scraped off the grass surface and will be compacting the soil, what I need is any information about what would be the best surface to have ( not tarmac can't afford it ).Thank you,Go well Paul

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Is there anyone who can recommend anyone to clear a small field of grass, brambles etc who is very reasonable with costs I live in area 22 and will be back in April Gasongason

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Free Donkey Manure - BaggedGood for the gardenNear to Loudeac in dept 22Merlin

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... to the road/street that, I am reliably informed, is just outside Rennes and is famous for its furniture shops. I would be travelling from Saint Malo. The name of the road/street may suffice. Thanks in anticipation.JB

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We are looking to buy a new porcelain bathroom suite. white. already have the sink (but thats another story!). we are near to pontivy, but can travel south/north. can anyone tell me the best valus (not just the cheapest) warehouses/shops to go looking please? cheers p.s. been to the shop opposite bricomarch in pontivy (cant remember the name), so something on a similar line to that one  Skype Name.pachypach

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Looking for somewhere that sells wall to wall carpets pontivy or lorient please  Skype Name.pachypach

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does anyone know of a company that will supply and deliver a uk king size mattress to brittany

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My toilet got blocked on Saturday evening. I managed to get it to work again and yesterday it seemed OK but this morning it has happened again.Is it possible to buy a chemical or something to put down the toilet to try and clear the blockage or do I need to call out a plumber. Has anyone had a fosse emptied recently and if so how much did it cost. My Fosse is below the ground with no visible access,it is covered up.I will obviously have to dig down to locate it. How deep are they normally? Help please.

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How important is it to be able to advertise your gite with a swimming pool. I am trying to establish if it is worth the cost of putting in a swimming pool in the garden of the gite we are renting out this summer.  It seems to me that it is only cost effective if you increase your bookings. I would be interested in your comments and experiences.   

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