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Good morning all, I've just been given (scrounged) some tubers for beautiful red/white dahlias.  I'd like to keep them safely over the winter before planting them in the Springtime.  Could anyone please advise me how/where to stores these in order that they do not dry up and die.  Do I store in a warm boiler room in the sous sol, or in my husbands cold, unheated shed?  Will they be OK in a cardboard box uncovered or will rodents eat them? Do I put them in a pot with soil and then store them? So many options that I do not know which one/ones to go for!  Any opinions on which way to go?

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Does anyone have experience of running one of the many paraffin heaters on sale at Mr Bricolage etc. Are they efficient and more importantly are they expensive to run if used as sole heat in a living room.I have been using an Electric heater but the cost of running it is frightening.Any help appreciated,thank you.

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Anyone know where I can buy the equivalent of English haberdashery. I'm in 56 near Ploermel

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I looked in a few stores (carrefour, leclerc), the translation is "Sauge" but perhaps this is not correct? Am I looking for the wrong name? thanks

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Does anyone know where we can by some stone for building, Not granite, but shish which is like slate. Michelemichele

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Could someone please tell me when the taxe fonciere has to be paid as I am not going to our house in Tremorel until mid December. My neighbour is looking after my post. She said she would send me important post but hasn't forwarded anything as yet. I paid my tax d'habitation when we were out there in September Many thanksPauline Aldershot, England and house in Tremorel (22)

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I'm about to make a new lawn out the back garden. Anybody know a Grass expert ???   Or am I just talking Cobblers here??

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This is our first year of owning a holiday home in Dept 22. We received and paid our first Taxes Foncieres in October for 365 euros.  We have just received our first Taxe d’Habitation for 449 euros (plus 116 euros for the TV licence). I read somewhere that  the Taxe d’Habitation is normally less than the “Foncieres”. We are now wondering if our “Habitation” is high or was our “Foncieres” low?. Has anyone else in 22 had a similar experience and offer any comment?

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We have an awful problem with our bedroom windows dripping with condensation in the mornings.  I know that double glazing would cure it, but that would mean doing all the other windows too - a very lengthy and expensive job. Does anyone remember that years ago, it was quite common to buy a thin plastic film which covered the window and which (apparently) was stuck around the edges with double sided tape.  I would imagine that this would work for us  or at least reduce the amount there. I have looked in Leroy Merlin and Brico Marché in Saint Briec and been unable to locate any - but if I knew what it was called, it would help.  I've just been checking out the 'humidité' areas and it is nowhere to be seen.  I described it to staff in Leroy Merlins and was sent to the double glazing area to buy new DG panels. Has anyone seen any anywhere please?  We need to cover a window 130 x 140.Gill22, proche Quintin

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I am trying to order mulch to put on top of the preventative membrane used to stop weeds growing in flower/shrub beds.   Anyone any advice - and what is the french for "mulch"! Merci bien    Madeleine

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Can anyone tell me the name of the membrane used on flower beds to prevent weeds from growing and where can I buy such goods.  Madeleine

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For a buanderie in our sous-sol, we need to dehumidify as water damp is ruining anything stored down there.  It's about 6 metres by 4 metres and no fresh air gets in for circulation at all. We've looked in Castorama and the good-looking de-longhi ones are very expensive and even Castorama's own brand isn't cheap and it looks very unreliable.  Do you have any advice at all please and thanks in advance.Exploring Brittany and Life, best wishes.

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I notice local shops are selling , not only garlic for planting now, but also shallots (I always thought they should be planted on the shortest day) and onion sets for planting out in autumn. Has anyone tried these and, if so, how successful were they?  My instincts suggest that the onions might run to seed come the spring but obviously people must be buying them to plant now. While I'm on, has anyone tried planting peas now to overwinter? Cheers Ian

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This coming winter will be the first one we will be experiencing with our holiday home in north Brittany.  So PLEASE, PLEASE all advice welcomed. How do you 'put-to-bed' your holiday home for the winter period?  Any tips, advice? What should you do with the internal doors - open or shut?  What about circulating air? How do you store your bedding etc? What about fridge doors, washing machine doors, again open or shut? There must be lots of things we ought to be thinking of.  Has there been an article on this topic on AngloInfo previously - any known link? We're over in Brittany in a few weeks time to enjoy our hols before doing all these practical things for winter. It would be good to hear from all of you that are experienced in these things. Many thanks piglet    piglet

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Has any   one got any idea where we can get hold of a real christmas tree around the southern brittany area.

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I hope to be across within the next 2 weeks and would like  bring a few shrubs with me, first of all is there any plants that are not allowed to be taken into France? and have you had any problems bringing plants across? Since last year when we sold our UK home I have been buying the odd shrub here and there and putting them into pots, they are of a decent size now, I am no 'Charlie Dimmock' but hope to be with a little practice!! but need advice. I have lavenders and fuscias (maybe not the correct spelling!) in the ground here in UK is Oct a good month to prune/cut back and re-plant in Brittany? I am not moving over till April 06, so could do it next spring at a push! I know some will say the plants are the same price as UK and it's not worth the bother,but I bought them cheap or were given them so would like to give it ago!! Advice pleasebobby

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Hi there, does anyone know of a really good place to buy fruit trees in 22. I have some addresses from Pages Jaunes, but just wondered if anyone could recommend a particularly good place. Thanks.

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Hi, Does anyone know where I can get turf (grass) from my garden? Cheers WendyWendy ~ 22 Dinan

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Hello, Husband is stripping wallpaper off 60 yr old walls in our property and has come across large sheets of asbestos in the two exterior walls in the kitchen, does he leave it and plaster board over it as it currently is doing a very good job of keeping damp at bay, or does he remove it and tar the walls for damp proofing then plaster board ? How has anyone else dealt with asbestos, I always thought it was best not to start cutting it up but to leave it well alone, any help or ideas would be appreciated.Elcie

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Hi there. Have loads of chestnuts ( don't we all I hear you say) does anyone know apart from roasting how I can cook or preserve them?  

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