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Any leather sofa shops in the Pontivy - Lanester areas worth a look? We're after a retro 1920s style brown leather 2 seater and single chair for our lounge (Land of Leathers "Casa" is just the right style but they cant do a single) and are on the verge of buying in the UK to bring out, which I would prefer not to do. Have browsed in BUT and Mobis but not seen anything close.-------------------------Ped & Caz56 nr Guemene-sur-Scorff.or Sidcup Kent.Skype - peteravenscroft

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I have two fig trees in my garden, inhereted from the previous owner. I have read that the figs take two years to develope and ripen. Both trees are now full of green figs between 3 and 5 cms long and 3 - 4 cms in diameter. Can anybody tell me if these are next years crop and will ripen to a reddy brown colour next year, or as a few have a tinge of colour at the base now are they to be eaten this year. The ones I have seen in supermarkets are dark reddy brown all over so I suspect they are next years crop. Unfortunately those that were on last year all fell off during this years spring and early summer. I am not even certain if I will like them as I have not eaten them before.Regards BobBaud (56) and Dwyran (LL61)

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A friend of mine wants to use a submersible pump in her garden well. The water level is some 12 metres from the surface but the water is only half a metre deep !! I reckon it requires digging or pumping out as it has silted up over the years of inactivity. Anyone got any idea who can do this?  Would try it ourselves but not too happy of going down there to do it by hand (or snorkel) !! We are located near Baud..(56) Advice please from all you experts!!! Many thanks  Mike Carrie

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In my garden I had a large Genista plant which was neglected for many years with the result that it became really leggy and overgrown.  Due to a redesign of the area, it was pruned at root level prior to being poisoned. However, in the area now, I am still finding baby Genista plants which will also need to be removed.  I hate to see plants killed so am offering them for rehoming. If anyone wants them, please come and fetch them.  Genista is a shrub which flowers in the Springtime (yellow flowers?) and will form either a nice plant in the shrub border or could possibly be used to form a flowering heldge.  The leaves are small and attractive. If anyone wants any photographs of the little plants please let me know and I will attempt to get some taken.  Gill22, proche Quintin

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Where is a good place to go for (tasteful!) bathroom tiles, in or around Dinan? How do prices compare with UK Prices? any advice appreciated!Julie

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looking for several velux type windows of varying sizes to replace previous owners interesting (but leaky) DIY ones, before I trawl  every brico between here and finistere, has anyone bought any recently and wants to pass on their wisdom and experience as to where the best prices are please?

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Quick question, when is the best time to start pruning Apple and Cherry trees and just how vicious do you have to be to get good crop for next year.   Thanks   Ste

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I've got some garden borders that need stocking so does anyone know of any good nurseries/garden centres thats sell a good range of plants/shrubs? - I live in 22 between Rennes & St Brieuc & have tried Point Vert but their range of plants is a bit limited. Thanks  jackie

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Are you having a nightmare with a property abroad? Are foreign laws tying you up in knots?   Channel 4’s Housetrapped is back and we’re here to help you!   UK Channel 4’s ‘Housetrapped in the Sun’ is returning for a second series and we’re here to help you negotiate the minefield of foreign property.   With 20 years experience in the property industry, Andrew Winter, presenter of the hugely successful ‘Selling Houses’ will be offering expert advice on your overseas home.   ¯      Are you trying to sell a property abroad with little success?   ¯      Did you buy off-plan from an agent who made wild promises?             ¯      Have you discovered serious structural problems, issues with access to your property or planning restrictions that make your property hard to sell?   ¯      Perhaps you’re finding it hard keeping on top of things if you’re living mostly in the UK   ¯      Do you have any major problems with your property that we can help with?   We’re looking for owners of properties to take part in our forthcoming programmes to be filmed in winter 2005/2006.   Please contact us on  00 44 (0)1273 224 800 and ask for the Housetrapped team. or email housetrapped@ricochet.co.uk     RICOCHET, Pacific House, 126 Dyke Road, Brighton BN1 3TE  

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In our attempt to learn more about lime motar and stone walls we came across hemp hurds mixed with lime producing a 'miracle' substance that is light,strong, insect proof, damp proof , high insulation levels, good sound insulation and breathable . Yes I know the faries live at the bottom of our Breton garden as well. Has any one any experiance of isochanvre,canosmose or canobiote , which are the hemp product to add to a lime mix to produce a lime concrete , sometimes known as agstone. What I would like to know is if I use this instead of a concrete floor and as a plaster on my stone walls will I still have the benifits of a healthy lime mortar wall which ' breathes'. Any one out there any experience or heard anything good or bad  M&D

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Does anyone know a French equivalent of John Innes 1,2,3?Enid and Chris

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Is anyone else having problems connecting to tiscali.fr ? It keeps telling me i have entered the wrong user name and code, then after about 6 or 8 times it will connect. It's driving me mad  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PEP

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Hi need an insurance quote for a french polisher anyone got any ideas where there is one?FEE

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I am wanting to re-point an interior wall but don't know the name of the mortar I need to use. Can anybody tell me the name of the stuff in French and where I can buy it? Neil

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Looking for an industrial type circular saw to slice through some beams. The ones in bricomarche dont cut enough depth. can anyone suggest where to get one, bew or second hand, around baud / Pontivy area? Or can go as far as Vannes/Lorient etc. cheers  Skype Name.pachypach

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I'm looking for some topsoil to  level my front garden. However I need approx 30 tonnes!! therefore it could be made up of subsoil and topsoil. So if anyone out there is building a new house and needs some of the spoil shifting, please let me know. I am based in 22 just outside Mur de Bretagne. Its possible I could arrange collection.

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Does anybody out there know where to find a good selection of sofas and sofa beds within easy-ish driving distance of Rostrenen? Look forward to hearing all your views Jacki    Jacqueline A Spence

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Around our back field/garden is a hedge, about 3 mtrs high, which I have neatly trimmed on our side for 3 years.It originates in our neighbours garden but over many years has grown through our wire netting and post fence. Our neighbour has decided to cut it all down,leaving what was once a private and enclosed field, now open onto his garden. We are not adverse to the loss as it is away from the house but he and us now loose any privacy and wind/noise protection. Apart from not seeing the object of the exercise, although we have permission to build in the field/plot,I wonder if I have any legal obligation to replace a fence my side, the main concern being he has 2 small children and we have a large pond and a stream feature.So far relations have been fairly amicable but we are informed the family talk to no-one!!As 3 years is the longest we have ever stayed in a house[perpetual renovators ] I can feel a move coming on.Regards.Nr.St.Malo.gastines

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Any advice welcomed! We bought our house in January and on the day of signing and receiving the keys, as we were leaving the Notaires office, our Vendor handed us two large envelopes wich we took to be pertaining to the property. We were not wrong! After the initial excitement of moving in which took 2 deliveries from UK and Doing the necessary 'petit travaux' we settled down to read the contents of said envelopes. To our horror it turned out to be a full report on the state of our Fosse and the steps required to bring it up to standard which appears to be digging up the entire front garden, felling mature trees etc. etc. Do we have any redress? Any reply gratefully received.

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I wonder if anyone can help with this. We have quite a large area in the garden where it seems as if a swarm of bees has decided to make a nest. It measures about 40 sq.m. and the soil is mainly sand in that particular area. There are hundreds of tiny mounds of sand and soil everywhere and the whole area is alive with these insects. They don't seem to be bothered by us but of course when we want to cut the grass they aren't too impressed and I'm sure they could become quite dangerous if they feel threatened. I won't actually risk walking in that particular area now. Last year they were there but only in a very small piece of land. We obviously don't want them to spread any further next year and wonder if there is anything we can do to get rid of them. We thought of lighting a bonfire there but that would a) make them angry and dangerous and b) probably send them underground, only to reappear later. Their holes are too small to put anything down, so maybe there might be something we could spread on the ground? They look quite like smallish bees, brown in colour, although we do wonder if they could be some kind of wasp. I'd be very grateful for some advice.

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