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In about six weeks a weed has almost taken over a fallow part of my veg patch, about 100 sq. mtrs. Its also appearing in amongts the veg. The stalk looks in its early stages like the growth one expects from a potatoe, dark green stem and leaves with a small white flower and tiny yellow centre. Thats where the similarity stops, as it grows upto about 3 or 4 feet high and forms a bush.   The flowers turn quickly into a green berry, which goes black like a blackcurrant very quickly. The plant by this time has a white tap root about 9 - 12 inches long. Very difficult to pull out without snapping the taproot. What is it, is it an annual or perenial, where did it come from as the veg patch was virgin grassland until this spring with cows grazing..Regards BobBaud (56) and Dwyran (LL61)

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Can anyone help me locate a company selling(and delivering) large(ish) stones for a water feature in my garden.I'm looking for mixed stones up to half a meter in size(approx) and grading down to 20cm -so a pretty mixed bunch.I'm not overly worried about the type of stone,just something a bit granite like. I'm between Rostronen & Carhaix. Many Thanks: Jinglewriter.

started by: Cabbs · last update: 1126535284 · posted: 1125858993

We are living in the UK whilst renovating and have reached the stage of laying the concrete floor.We need to arrange delivery of ready mix concrete in advance of going over to lay it. Has anyone ordered ready mix in the Gourin area? how far in advance does it need to be ordered? has anyone paid from UK? costing per m3. what is the french term for ready mix concrete? Grateful for any info on this subject.  

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Having spent a lot of time and effort in using some of our spare stone to create rockeries, but encountered a mega stumbling bloc - where can be buy rock garden plants?  We've looked around most of the garden centres within 30 - 40km of Rostrenen but not found anywhere that has a good selection, in fact, there are very few plants of this type on sALE. Any suggestions would be gratefully received - I do like growing from seed, but we would like a few plants in place whilst waiting for seedlings to mature.Sue Flude

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Hi Can anyone tell me if French Domestos which I bought in Leclerc is OK for putting down the loo and won't affect my fosse septique which takes the sachet's of sand once a week.  On the bottle of Domestos is says sans dangereux pour fosse septique so I'm assuming it won't stop the bugs from doing their stuff in the fosse. ThanksM & D

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in dinan for this weekend if possible - any chance of anyone helping me out - needs to be of a decent weight the water filled ones wont do it im afraidMartin

started by: GBM-386981 · last update: 1125916931 · posted: 1125916931

Having a clear out of surplus items so need to find a new home for the following items; Tsunami ‘Sagiquarius’ sound system for PC, with 3D control / bass volume controls. PS2 Microsoft mouse with wheel Asonic sound card with several speaker outputs. (Driver not supplied) Parallel lead Telephone / modem cables, UK style fittings x 3 S-video connection lead. Brushless cooling fan Power lead (not mains, similar to scanner/notebook power lead) Headphone adaptor PS2 to serial adaptor 2 x 2 way UK telephone adaptors Can anyone use these?  15 Euros for the boxful?      Gill22, proche Quintin

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can anyone help me i need to buy a gas fire to fit into a but need to find a supplier i live in pontivy thanks johnkruger

started by: EM-388395 · last update: 1125692128 · posted: 1125672515

Hello I am a tiscali subscriber but each time I type in the web address i keep getting http://www.aliceadsl.com so I can't get to my e-mails. It just overides each time i do the tiscali address-I can get everything else okay. Any ideas on how to stop it. Please reply on Angloinfo as I can't get my private e-mails!! Thanks E Johnson

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Can anyone recommend a central heating engineer who would be prepared to undertake work in the Caulnes area, installing a system for us? Vivien

started by: Adrian-381872 · last update: 1125268932 · posted: 1124974419

We’ve seen plenty of adverts both on the site and elsewhere, but there’s nothing to beat a personal recommendation.   We live 15km south of Dinan and were looking for an electrician to help us next spring.  Our French is not good, so we need someone with enough English so that we can understand each other on technical matters.Adrian

started by: rolfe · last update: 1125135316 · posted: 1125135316

Can anyone recommend someone to fit a log burner in Dept 35 (Near Maure de Bretagne). We have no chimney so will require some sort of flu system. rolfe

started by: Enid-389044 · last update: 1125098417 · posted: 1125069131

We're moving over to Brittany late September and will need to buy a single cold feed washing machine. Has anyone had any experience of buying white goods on the internet? Any good internet retailers to recommend? Grateful for any help - thanks!Enid & Chris

started by: Fleur-387620 · last update: 1125064579 · posted: 1124203057

Does anyone know a good website or a shop over here where I can buy nice, patterned cellophane film on a roll, suitable for gift wrapping? There's loads of sites in the US but the shipping works out too much.  I've tried Rouxel, Retif & Raja in France & they have coloured film, but nothing with patterns on it.  I'm looking in particular for polka dots, xmas holly, things like that. Any ideas?  Many thanks.**************Fleur

started by: Fleur-387620 · last update: 1125003402 · posted: 1123150721

Can anyone tell me if the B&Q in Jersey stocks the 'takeaway' kitchen range?  There's a kitchen that I really like & it would be easier to pop over to Jersey on a day trip to pick it up rather than back to the UK!  And yes, I have looked at French kitchens but quite frankly, don't like the styles!!**************Fleur

started by: joef-388918 · last update: 1124644769 · posted: 1124635199

Have over 14yrs experience of gardening/landscaping here in Blighty. Will be moving en France soon (Fougere region), wonder what I should be charging for my services. Any advice would be welcomed.

started by: LAB-385696 · last update: 1123966815 · posted: 1112169077

Does anyone have any experience of the long grass cutters known as Debroussailleuse here in France? A problem common to many of us - very long meadow grass in the orchard which takes days to cut. The motoculture shops all say their mowers will cut long wet grass but so far we have bought a driven mower and an expensive tractor mower but neither are very successful.

started by: Maris-385659 · last update: 1123863570 · posted: 1123856605

Does anyone know of cash and carries or wholesale places that sell cleaning stuff as we do loads of cleaning as does my friend who has a B&B in dept 22 - near Dinan or St Brieuc if poss. We have a siret no, if that is needed, to join someplace. Many thanks Maris

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We are looking for an electrician /plumber to do some work in our house. I contacted one electrician but he couldn't do anything before end of September. At the moment we only have cold water and one light and one plug downstairs. As we are still living in England it's not always easy to organize things, so I would appreciate any help.Our house is in Guillac between Ploermel and Josselin (56). Thank you.

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Hoping to spend more time in Dept 35, nr St Malo, and need to sort out heating and double glazing. Any ideas on where to start? DIY, local shops or builders?  Any advice would be appreciated.

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