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Hi can anyone help me.  My Cottage is near St Nicolas Du Pelem and I am trying to find the nearest Mrgooddeal to me. I have seen their website however my French is poor (but I am learning). Their prices seem really good and I would prefer to purchase a new cooker in France rather than bring one over with me. Jane (the mad dance teacher)

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Hello all, I have done a search and noted the previous postings on the subject.  However, there has been no answers that have helped fully.. I need a lot of gravel, ideally the copper coloured mix of about 10-20mm.  I am near to Loudeac (22), am aware of the quarry at St Lubin but I think they only do the granit chippings. Does anyone have any knowledge of somewhere within delivery range to Loudeac area that will supply gravel.  I know Leroy Merlin at St Briuec sell various types but I am sure they won't deliver all the way to Loudeac! Regards, Rob

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Hi there,Does anyone know where I can get wooden fence panels like the type we have in UK? I want to be able to walk into a DIY place and walk out with them, without having to order them. I am only in Brittany for 4 days next week and want to buy and erect fencing whilst I am there! I am in the Loudeac area, but don't mind travelling to get them. An indication of price would be helpful too.Thankyou.John& Ann

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Hi  all AI's Could anyone tell me if they have had a new septic tank installed,and what it costs approx,and would they be able to recommend anyone to do the work. thanks     Johnjohnkruger

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Hi, we are about to start furnishing our home in Mur de Bretagne, and have been looking through the forum at peoples comments. I am looking for a reliable, reasonable gardener to maintain our lawn whilst we are not in the house. I keep hearing horror stories of folks being ripped off in one form or another.

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Odd question, but what is the french translation of a 'peg hole punch'?  This is for making the hole you find in shops for hanging items from the metal brackets.  Sort of oblong with a fatter bit in the middle!! And would anyone know where I could find one in France? Many, many thanks if anyone can help me with this!!**************Fleur

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Could anyone suggest where I might purchase the cheap plywood used in England for concrete shuttering or anything similar?  Suitable to make ends of pig arcs. Fromage 

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Looking for a list of 'Depot Ventes' or 'Trocantes' between Quimper and Vannes. We know of a few in Vannes (5), Lanester (1), and Pontivy (4), if you are aware of any others we would be pleased to know about them. You can email us at:- teviotgh@blueyonder.co.uk Thank you in anticipation. Dave Fisher

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Where in Brittany could I buy a small tower scaffold? - useful for painting high ceilings. Any idea of the cost?Julie

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Hello, Anyone know of any bargains at present for such mowers? Looking at one of at least 11.5cv upwards to about 14. Saw one at Mr Bricolage, 14cv at 1899€, anywhere cheaper?  Appreciate your help. Regards, Rob

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Is there a French equivalent of Windolene?  If not, what would someone suggest I use to leave an opaque 'film' on a window to stop people peeking in while we do renovations for a couple of weeks!!!   **************Fleur

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Am i allowed to take plants and trees to france johnkruger

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Hi, We have a problem with our septic tank, we believe it to be over flowing into the ditch outside our house, we have tried to locate the inspection cover but to no avail, we have found two covers which show a blue tank and a white tank but thats all, anyone have any ideas?johnkruger

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Where can I find upholstery supplies, foam etc? Im near Loudeac. Have never done any upholstery before but have bought a seat I would like to recover.

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Does anyone know of the least expensive places to buy electrical goods in Bretagne? Prices to rival tesco.com and the like or do people buy in Angleterre and import? Ty Korrigan le Jardinier anglais

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We want to buy a decent garden shed.  We have seen some good ones at Castorama in Quimper but I would like to shop around a bit before  deciding.  Does anyone know of anywhere else with a good selection, we are in Chateauneuf du Faou, area 29.  If you read this Mo, I tried to E mail you but I don't think it worked.  I will try again.    

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Our property came with a large pond full of goldfish but sadly lacking any plants to provide hiding places and shade for them. Can anyone recommend a garden shop/garden centre in cotes 22 which  sells water lillies and other floating plants, alternativley has any one got an over stocked pond they would like a hand clearing in exchange for a few plants please? John DoeArrogance is a character fault of those who know what the hell they're doing.

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We need a Header Tank...... have never spotted one here in Brittany, has anyone else spotted them?misspMissP(aka: Misspx before I forgot my password)

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We are bringing a Simmons Super King-size mattress to our home in 22 and are searching desperately on the internet for a bed base to accommodate the mattress (width 190cm, length 200cm) but can't find any on the usual French Meubles sites (BUT, Conforama etc). Even the French Simmons site doesn't mention this size. I would have brought the current bed base with us except for the fact that it is built-in to the current bedroom and I think was built in situ because it definitely will not fit through our doors. Any suggestions for where to look gratefully received. Failing that I suppose it will be another trip to Leroy Merlin for wood to do-it-myself.  carog(22) Tregomeur

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