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The drop for curtains at our house in France is 86 inches.  In the UK the standard drop for big windows is 90 inches (wish we'd swtiched to cm!) Please can someone tell me - is 86 inches (about 220 cm) a standard drop for ready-mades in France (in which case I can buy them there - are there any good places to buy curtains near Redon?) or is it also 90 inches same as UK in which case I might as well either buy them in UK and shorten them or make them myself?  Surrie

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Has anyone found a source for buying weed cover material in large amounts at a better price than the usual small roll size from garden centres, thanks if anyone has idea's. Divaling.

started by: Sue Flude · last update: 1108581135 · posted: 1108384824

We are finally able to arrange our move to France in April. Obviously we need to find a company to move our chattels, and would much appreciate hearing from anyone who could recommend a company they have used without hassle! A number of horror stories have made us very wary. We are moving from the Midlands to the Pontivey area. Sue FludeSue Flude

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I'm searching for a 12inch square cake tin, which is proving to be more specialist than is covered by the usual supermarket sources. Does anyone know where to buy this in the Merdrignac or Vannes areas, or failing that is anyone prepared to lend one out? Thanks, John

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Can anyone recommend somewhere to get replacement glass for a metal-framed window?  The glass is approx 10mm thick & the window is approx w150cm x h140cm.  Will someone come & measure correctly & give a devis if I ask or is it something I will have to ask for & get cut at my 'own risk' so to speak? Around Pontivy area if possible. Many thanks Sarah

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I would rather purchase and recondition a good second hand exterior door than spend over €150 to purchase a bottom of the range new door.  So if you have any old exterior doors that you don't need please let me know, I need several.

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I intend to cultivate a part of the field I own, not massive but big enough to require some mechanical help (250/350 sq.mtrs) Can anybody confirm if a rotavator will dig 'virgin' pasture. I bought a petrol grass cutter from Geant at Lanester two years ago and am happy with it, am I better at a supermarket? Can anybody suggest where I might buy in the Baud area, as cheap as possible, a suitable rotavator, perhaps a manufacturer, and most important an indication of suitable engine size and cost.Regards Bob

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Does anybody know where we can buy Lime wash and other Lime plastering products around Morlaix or Carhaix?Bru et Mandy

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Does anyone know where I can buy sand blasting sand from? I know Brico Depo have it in thier cataloge, but they never seem to have it in stock.

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Does anyone know of a shop that sells good quality sewing machines within travelling distance of Rostrenon  please? Wart

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I believe that Ikea in France offer 'mail order'.  We have just bought a house near Merdrinag and it'd be great if we could order the basics from Ikea to be delivered when we are there.  Otherwise I can see problems with spending a day going the Nantes and trying to organise to be back whenever they will deliver.   Has anyone tried this? AnneStill in Dublin but dreaming of long sunny holidays :)

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Can anyone recommend a place to buy beds in Dept. 22Happiness is hand pulled.

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We need a new rad as ours in our bedroom is leaking and we cant find a shop that sells them. We live in area 56 near Scaer.  Please helpMJH

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Can anyone reccommend a good removal firm they have used. We are moving from the U.K. to southern Brittany possibly Le Loire. Thanks.

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I know it's liek asking how long is a piece of string but I am trying to get a handle on how much we have to spend on a house and still haev enough to furnish it.  I'm talking basics.  Beds, cooker, washing machine, sofa and table & chairs. I haven't a clue.  We've an attic full of stuff like crockery, kettles, toaster, iron (will they work in France) and some bedlinen.  But we need to buy the big stuff. We haven't even found a house yet but I'm worried about overspening on bricks and mortar and not being able to furnish it. Any website I can use to get together a budget?  WE hope to buy in the Loudeac area.

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Can anybody suggest a really good product? I need to kill them DEAD, all of them.Nomad

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HI, could some kind person tell me where i can find a static caravan either being sold privately or by a company.

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Does anyone know where I could buy some wax?  I've looked in the large supermarkets, the "general" stores, etc, so I guess I'm looking for an "arts and crafts" kind of store. -Samantha

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Whebn we move out in a few weeks time I want to do the kids rooms up as a treat, please could anyone tell me if there are cheapish places for this kind of thing near Quimper or are the prices better in GB.  I would rather buy in France but we wont have too much spare cash so I need to doo what is most cost effective.  Also,  can you get good value kids clothes? Thanks. Alison

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Can anyone give me directions to Ikea from Lorient. Thanks

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